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Alternity - TLoA - Arcanum

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July 9, 2015


The group spent the next month getting two more of the needed items on the path to Arcanum.  In the meantime, Jack worked out how to build several of the items.  They went back to Skeeter, as he was the only one willing to deal with them and be fair about it, to get any materials needed.  He was also willing to trade in the materials they got to get them local currency, although they didn't need much of that, jumping around from system to system, grabbing the next item, and leaving.  


The Stronghold of the Vampires turned out to be an insane asylum on a planet for people with pyschic abilities that they had somehow boosted beyond normal limits.  They had crafted a mind warping puzzle trap for any who come looking for the Ship of Time.  As the group navigated the trap, the psichos were hinting they knew more things and things to come all the while trying to drain them of their psychic energy.  They managed to make it out but Tressik was quite tired for several days afterward.  


The Suits of Protection were scattered about Tenner territory in the ruins of Forums.  They never did find out why the Forums had been destroyed but they had.  In those ruins were hidden the pieces to the suits.  Unfortunately, it was again just codes, shield modulation numbers, as with everything else.  They wanted actual suits as they had to cross a magma area, a cave filled with poison gas, and crystals that stored electrical charges before finally getting to all of the pieces.  As if that wasn't bad enough, they were continually attacked during this process but Wade was able to hold them off.  While thinking of butterflies, of course.  


The Chapterhouse of the Demon was deep in S'srokh territory.  They did not allow many visitors and where this was located and where they did accept visitors were not the same thing.  All of the other groups have had starship groups ready to move into the area but fearing all out war, the S'srokh had made allies, no one made a move.  Senn piloted them in, under cloak, to the coordinates of the Chapterhouse.  It was in the southern pole, and quite cold.  They had to land two kilometers away because even Senn couldn't find a safe place to land.  Knowing the reptilian race couldn't live here, they were quite surprised to find a large group of armed S'srokh waiting for them.  After staring at each other for ten heartbeats, finally one stepped forward.  


"We need to talk."  



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