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Page history last edited by americanpianist 6 years, 2 months ago

I died.


Obviously I recovered, but the point here is that I died.  I fell to the ground, my limited sight gave way to the blackened void, and I ceased to be.  Or so I thought.  Time had no meaning.  Out of nowhere a gravely voice burst forth and I heard without ears "I am not done with you yet".


I lived again.  I had gained much, but lost much as well.  I could see again, clear and far as anyone else I had allied with.  I no longer felt the Oracle's Curse, no longer felt the build-up to a barrage of uncontrollable visions.  It seemed as if that part of me had been ripped away, leaving me behind to figure things out all over again.


I had chosen then to continue the ruse of the blind beggar, which I have done through to this day.  Individuals here and there sometimes notice, such as those I allied with at that point in time, but I allowed the myth to propogate itself with the masses and it has served me well.


I am not human.  I am not an oracle.  I am elemental, all the wrath and wisdom of far traveling wind taken form in that of a young blind woman.  I am changed, and I am strong.  Chaos had made me it's pawn, feeding me visions meant to pass as truths, and playing with my soul.  Choas will do this no more.  Chaos will bend to me.  I will be chaos.  In a way, I already am:


I was dead, and yet I live. 



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