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For the first time I can recall, my visions were... off.  Not by much, but even then I had a feeling change was in the air.  I had informed everybody of precisely where and when the portals of the next invasion were to open.  The opened within a few feet of where I said, but they opened minutes too soon.  We were ready in time, but not for how the enemy came through.


When the portal opened, the enemies blinked into existence around us, encircling us.  They did not step through - it was like they were already there, and the portal was a diversion.  The portal itself was different, too, and took new approaches to close.  It was not a change I welcomed.


We took the day, but at a loss to the townsfolk, and to my faith in the solidarity of my visions.  I worried then that they would no longer be a tool to rely on, but may instead become a burden and a distraction.  I shoved the worry aside - there would be time for that later (and what a time that would be).  They were still useful, if slightly off - a vague guide at least. 


Time would tell, as they say.  These pages will tell as well.



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