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PF - Invasion

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 6 years, 4 months ago



Set in Varisia, Invasion follows the exploits of a group of heroes, fighting on several fronts, the many groups that want to exploit the wild, primal lands of Varisia.




<insert map>





Character  Name Race/Class Player  Notes 
Jack  Human Werefalcon Ranger  Bob   


Shifter Barbarian  Brook   
Adrasteia  Elemental Oracle  Drew  
Fey Sorceress John   
Trogdor  Human Barbarian Justin  
Fain  Elf Rogue Patrick  

Notes - With regards to anyone doing a write up.  If you are unsure of a place name that would work or you want a name but aren't sure if it would be Varisian or Shoanti enough, just put a placeholder there and I can fill it in for you.  For example, "As I crested the hill to (medium sized town, mostly Varisian), I saw that (Shoanti tribe) was back and camped on the edge.  Already, old man (Varisian male name) was not happy and I hoped to make it down there for the fireworks!"  



Only gain XP for sessions present.  Bonus XP can be earned for wiki entries.  Further, I won't let a huge gap happen, but that will be figured out on a case by case basis.  


After having one of the players lose 10k xp and drop to first level, I'm thinking that a gap in levels won't be as bad as I thought.  Certainly I wouldn't allow a six or seven level gap!  But it would seem that a three level gap isn't too bad.  The character made up for the lost xp by the end of that session, so they are still behind but not that bad.  And the character was still very helpful in combat! All around, it worked out much better than I thought it would.




6/5/2014 - At the Farmhouse

6/12/2014 - Into the Woods

6/19/2014 - Clash of Clans

6/26/2014 - The Gathering

7/3/2014 - Dripping Blood

7/10/2014 - Chaos

7/17/2014 - Losses and Gains

7/24/2014 - Settled

7/31/2014 - Fighting

8/7/2014 - Illusions 

8/14/2014 - Meetings

8/21/2014 - Defense of Biston

8/28/2014 - The Fey's Turn

9/4/2014 - The TPK


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