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DNDMC - PF - April 2014

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DNDMC - Pathfinder



April 25, 2014


Basic Guidelines for characters


  • 11th level -This is eleventh level using any PF classes.     (This is based on the fact that at the moment, we have six players signed up.)  
  • Core races are fine and no need to ask.  I'm open with other ideas but you please email me to ask me.   
  • Ability scores - 15 point buy
  • Starting gold/magic - One magic item of up to 5000 gp value and 1000 gp in mundane equipment, including masterwork items.  Spellcasters also have their spellbooks with components.  
  • Wizards - limited spellbooks.  For a 11th level, single class character, spells known in book are 9/6/4/4/2.  For any mutli class, it will be a case by case basis. 
  • Specialist wizards get an additional spell per spell level as long as each one is in their specialty school. 
  • Item creation feats would be a waste.  



  • Spells in Pathfinder are learned very quickly.  I think it takes an hour per spell (not level) to learn a spell.  Therefore spell scrolls will be treasure and can be used as scrolls or to put in spellbook.  
  • There is still a cost to scribe a spell into a spellbook, if wizard players want to share spells.  They can also learn the spell from the other's spell book as per the rules.  


Update 4/8 - While I'm allowing any PF class, I prefer concept first and then classes to fir that concept.  This time around, I'm open to whatever you guys want to do.


Adventure - At the moment, I'm thinking of a desert adventure in the Golarion country of Osirion.  I'm also thinking fast/tough/smart monsters.  So, cover melee and ranged, as well as trap detector and remover and arcane and divine spell casters.  Updates as I think of it.  


The city of Wati in Osirion is doing something unprecedented.  After a thousand years of leaving the crypts and necropolis' alone, the newest ruler has decided to reclaim all of those areas and put up some great public works.  In order to do that, though, the areas must first be cleared out of what is there.  And some of the denizens aren't going to be happy about the relocation.  Further, an ancient curse threatens those who would disturb the resting.  


This has been planned for a year from the ruler's coronation with messages going all over Golarion.  So, heroes can look like any group and can have made the journey to Wati for the big day.  

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