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PF - CoT - Session Ten

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 6 years, 5 months ago

The Hellcaller Cup and a Bust


March 6, 2014


The group has spent a lot of time in the Rego Cader section of town and is learning more about it.  


The Sisters of Eiseth are the ones in charge of the crematorium (B2 on the map).  They are worshipers of Pharasma who will tend to any dead of any faith.  They will say the rites over the dead but then do cremate most remains.  If people have money, they will store their remains in a labyrinth they have access to.  


It's been a couple of weeks since Praetorius fought in the Devildrome. We gained 1 Fame point for that battle.


We've heard that the dusk market has a brothel, so if we were to create one, we would be competing.


We identify the two oak wands we found in the Chelish Crux.

        Wand of break enchantment (8 charges) 

        Wand death ward (7 charges).


The silver box containing the grave candles has enchantments on it to keep the grave candles potent.


The portfolio contained an inventory accounting ledger about what is in Delvehaven.


Eventually, we crack the cipher in Cugney's Wedding. The clues in the margins were: "seven, and 3 but 8", "Find the Finder", "Point it True".


"Find the Finder" - Refers to the PathFinder Wayfinder, a specialized compass.

The cipher was cracked looking at the 8th syllable in every line with 8 syllables. It reads:

" The wave door lies within the cutlass (cutlass cove). From wart (wart rock), three hundred salt soaked feet noreast, the pathfinder must pass grand man lodge. Light must show the way. Delvehaven's an will cause the fray."  (See GM Notes below)


Ricken shares that his uncle, Eirtein, tells him to distance himself from the Children of Westcrown because the mayor has granted the Order of the Rack permission to enter Rego Cader.


We take all of our information to Ailyn, who is impressed with the amount of information we've been able to collect. We discuss our finder's fee a bit and iron out some of the conditions. She points out that the "finder" is a Pathfinder Wayfinder. She says she doesn't have one, but she could take up to a month to get one. We mention the dusk market, and we'll probably try that first.


We decide to first talk to Rance Lucca to ask about the remains of Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin. Ricken talks to him and he points to a bust of a man on the wall. He calls him Gelly. He said that if Praetorius enters the Hellcallers Cup and goes against Thrax again and wins, he'll give us Gelly.


We decide to buy 100 chits at 5.25sp each. 


The week is spent scribing scrolls. Keen Edge and Bull's Strength.


During this time, the Scourge Hellkinghts that are under Praetorius arrive.  However, the mayor finally allowed the Order of the Rack to set up an outpost in the Rego Cader.  Further, Durotas Arik was given permission to have 150 new Rundottari.  He got to pick fifty of them but fifty were picked by his rival and now lieutenant Eccobar.  There are fifty who's loyalty that Arik does not know and is quite worried about it.  Praetorius gets the Scourge Hellknights bivouacked and they start doing patrols with continual light sticks.  


The Devildrome is packed. The normal capacity is 1000, they have 1400 packed in. In attendance is the mayor, Chammody, Saskar, and many other nobles or their family as representatives.  


The summoned bearded devils repeatedly violate the rules and attack Verus through the cage. Injuring him badly. Attempts are made to grab further cage penetrations, but to no avail. 


During the combat, a debuff takes away Praetorius's haste effect. Verus identifies that the spell came from the noble section. He then sends a message to Rance informing him of the rules violations. Rance then announces that the combat will be delayed while a rules violation is investigated. Thrax yells that it won't stop and casts a black dome around the combat, blocking everyone out, then teleports his summoned bearded devils into the cage where they attack the rest of us.


Praetorius, who is enlarged with bull's strength, having a 28 strength runs at Thrax and charges him directly through the cage. Meanwhile, the rest of them battle three of the bearded devils that teleport into our cage. Verus gets some heals from Galen and Ricken casts protection from evil on Verus to keep them from attacking him. Since he's healed and protected Verus casts Dispel Magic on the dome, almost fails, but forces more spell energy into it and finally brings it down. The crowd is now able to see Thrax's rule violations. 


The crowd, having seen this, start yelling about 'no bets!' They are worried more about protecting their bets then they are the rest of us.


Ricken summons three lantern archons in the cage, above us, to attack the bearded devils.


Praetorius runs straight into Thrax's cage and puts a huge dent in it. He then steps back and rips the cage apart to get at him. Thrax is duly scared.


Verus magically enhances his voice and booms, "Mantrithor Thrax! You have violated the rules of this competition and have been Judged!!"


Thrax, being threatened by Praetorius manages to get another summon spell cast and brings three more bearded devils to surround Praetorius.


Ricken uses his recall ability with Curator to get him outside of the cage, so he can help Praetorius. 


Someone in the noble section is debuffing Praetorius's spells. He loses his enlarge and all his strength and AC bonuses.


K teleports out to help Praetorius. Verus and Ricken leave the cage and run towards Thrax. Verus gets close enough and casts a lightning bolt at two of the three bearded devils.


The archons finish off Thrax and Curator finishes off the bearded devils. Curator then drags him to the center of the dias, the archons surrounding him, the rest of us surrounding them. Curator then announces, "This is what happens to the judged." Then discards him to the ground. The crowd cheers.


Chammody pushes a noble forward by knife-point saying that this was the one debuffing Praetorius. He is Severino Mhartis. The Mhartis's are a minor noble family, but we don't know who they are beholden to. Chammody asks if he wants to press charges. Praetorius says, "He's obviously not very good at it." All the nobles around snicker and it's obvious that Severino just lost a lot of standing.


There are questions in the crowd, and Verus about the bets. Verus announces to the crowd, "If you bet on Thrax, you lose your money. He violated the rules." Rance backs him up and upholds all bets.


After we humiliate Thrax a little more and Ricken announces that drinks are half price at Judged. Verus panics a bit, but then messages the bartender to warn him. The bartender panics and starts telling the serving wenches to get ready for a lot of people. 


Rance takes us back to his office to finish our business by giving us Gelly. He then gives us direction to where the dusk market is. Melrogus (Boss) is the guy who runs it. Rance advises us to talk to Tegomolan that deals in magic items. He should have the wayfinder.


We go back to the basement to move forward with talking to Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin. Verus messages Ailyn to inform her of our recovery of Ghaelfin. She was invited to take part.


Group xp:  2500xp


Earned 1 Fame point for defeating Thrax the first time

Earned 1 Fame point for defeating Thrax for the Hellcaller Cup 

Earned 1 Fame point for not killing Thrax and the drama over the "Judged" nature in which we beat him.


Individual xp 

Drew: 350xp

John: 1000xp

Bob: 750xp

Brook: 700xp




GM Notes

  • I was really happy how well this session brought a lot of things together.  We had politics, economics and a fight.  And we did it with role playing telling and rolls.  It really come together well for us and I was quite happy about it.   
  • Cugney's Wedding:  I found a version of it written by a fan and it's much better than I could do, so shared it with the group.  The secret text as he intended it was "The Wave Door lies within Cutlass From Wart three hundred salt-soaked feet  Noreast the pathfinder must pass.  The Grand Lodge light must show the way: Delvehaven's oath will cause the fray."  The party got most of it, certainly more than enough to for their characters to figure it out.  
  • In general, I don't like riddles for the players.  It's old school thought and sometimes it can be fun but most of the time I have found that riddles just completely halt play.   Or it's known and is barely a speed bump in play.  What I liked about the Wedding was that I was able to give clues and it did require a bit of work on the player's part to figure it out.  Basically, in this case, we had forward movement on it most of the time, so it worked well.  
  • The combat took a lot longer than I hoped it would but I think it worked out.  We did do a lot of other background stuff before it.   



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