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PF - Council of Thieves

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 7 years ago

Council of Thieves


Setting - Westcrown in the country of Cheliax on the Inner Sea



Character Generation Rules

PC Name  Player Name  Race  Class 
Galen Atreus John  Fallen  Inquisitor 
Pritarius Chard  Drew  Fallen  Fighter 
Verus Hildero Brook Fallen Sorcerer/Rogue
Ricken Oberigo Bob Fallen Summoner - Eidolon is Curator and looks celestial



Arael - Leader of the Children of Westcrown movement to make the town better for all.

Janiven - Arael's second in command.  They disagree on how they should make things better for all.  

Ermolos - Member of the Children of Westcrown.  Up and coming fighter thanks the group.    

Fioso - Member of the Children of Westcrown.  New cleric of Iomedae, thanks to the group.

Gorvio - Member of the Children of Westcrown.  New sorcerer, thanks to the group.  Hopes to join or attend the academy one day.  

Larko - Member of the Children of Westcrown.  

Rizzzardo - Member of the Children of Westcrown.  

Sclavo - Member of the Children of Westcrown.  New paladin, thanks to the group.  

Eirtein Oberigo - Head of Oberigo family in Westcrown and uncle to Ricken.  

Chammady Drovenge - Heir(?) to the Drovenge family fortune.  The Drovenge family is the oldest and most powerful family in Westcrown.  

General Vourne - Commander of the Gemcrown Bay Imperial Fleet

Lord Mayor Aberian Arvanxi 

Crosael Simiin Rasdovain - Major domo of the Lord Mayor

Sascar Tilernos - Noblewoman at the Cornucopia - and now Ricken's fiance

Thesing Umbero Ulvauno - Actor

(Visbaronetess) Delour Aulamaxa - Diva of the theater

Calseinica Nymmis - Up and coming talent of the theater

Millech the Hump - stagehand at the theater

Sian - 

Cadmus - Contact at the Academy who can transfer enchantments for them.

Rance Lucca - Owner of the Devildrome

Durotas Arik Tuornos - Leader of the Rundottarri where Judged is located

K - a new ally

Coriana Heavenscape - a new ally brought back from the dead

Eccobar - Tiefling who wants Arik's position


Fame Score

Total - 27


1/9/2013 - 3

1/23/2013 - 3

3/6/2014 - 3

3/13/2014 - 1

4/3/2014 - 2

4/17/2014 - 1 

5/1/2014 - 2

5/15/2014 - 3

5/22/2014 - 3

5/29/20-14 - 6



12/5/2013 - Key to Adventure

12/19/2013 - Demonology 101

1/2/2014 - All Hail the Demon Lords!

1/9/2014 - The Judges

1/16/2014 - Downtime and the Performing Arts

1/23/2014 - Perfect Performance

2/6/2014 - Party Crasher

2/13/2014 - The Devil in the Dungeon

2/27/2014 - The Devildrome

3/6/2014 - The Hellcaller Cup and Bust

3/13/2014 - Massacre House

3/20/2014 - The Delve into Delvehaven

3/27/2014 - The Delve into Delvehaven 2

4/3/2014 - The Delve into Delvehaven 3

4/10/2014 - The Marrying Men

4/17/2014 - A Tale of Two Teleports

5/1/2014 - Fall of the Children of Westcrown

5/8/2014 - Mythic Demonstrations

5/15/2014 - Ilnerik's Dragon and Friends

5/22/2014 - The End of the Dark Night

5/29/2014 - The End is Nigh



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