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Alternity - Dark Sun - Session 2

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Holding Pattern


July 12, 2012


We begin with Zon, Dro'van, and Vahn having just killed the last couple of bad guys. Zon and Dro'van notice that they both totally missed two trip wires in the hallway, but Vahn is halfway down depressing one of them. Dro'van manages to identify them and says that Vahn hasn't activated it yet, and safely removes his foot.


Elendal and Ka'l'ik comes down and Ka'l'ik sees a spirit of one of the guys we killed. The walls and floor seem solid to him, but not the tripwires or doors. Elendal manages to find a way to disarm the traps, but would use all of his lockpicks to maintain the tension on the tripwires if he does  so.


The first door seems to be protected by magic. And the lock has brass parts and is in great condition. It would be a very expensive lock. Vahn thinks to check the guy we killed to see if he has any keys on him. He is found to have 14 brass keys. 


Dro'van sets off a trap, when he didn't see another tripwire. The air fills with particulate and some of the group suffers stun damage. Ka'l'ik points to a door and tells us that the spirit of that guy on the floor went through it. Elendal manages to find a key that mostly matches the lock on that door. Zon steps up and tries to block as much of the door as possible. He inserts the key and when he tries to turn it, lightning erupts and hit Zon full on. At that point, the group notices that there are brass panels fused into the floor to spread the electricity.


Elendal starts looking at the shapes of the keys and thinks he has two of the four doors matched. The door the spirit went into is one of them, so Zon is going to try again with the new "matched" key. It manages to work and Zon opens the door. 


Inside is four bookshelves with scrolls on them and three workbenches with obsidian tops, beakers, flasks, body parts, and other unpleasantries. On one table there are several strange instruments. It looks like they were trying to work metal into the flesh of a person.


When Ka'l'ik comes in, he sees the spirit trying to grab a book on one of the shelves. He seems panicked. Ka'l'ik walks over to the book, and that's when the spirit looks at him and waves in Ka'l'ik's face. Ka'l'ik casts 'Turn Undead' on the spirit. We all briefly see the outline of it as it runs away through the wall.


Vahn spends time looking around in the books and scrolls. He looks at the book Ka'l'ik picked up and he keeps it to use it to learn a new language at later time. He learns that the lord had hired mercenaries to bring in slaves and animals to experiment on. They were apparently trying to make a super-soldier.


While he's busy doing that, Zon and Elendal rip the brass out of the body parts around and collect about 1.5 lbs of brass. We also find tools made out of bronze and wands with obsidian inset. 


Afterwards, Zon goes out and goes to the other door we have the matching key for and just opens it up. It appears to be a barracks. Nothing of note. 


Vahn takes another look at the remaining two keys and identifies which goes to which door. He gives Zon the next key and we open the door on what appears to be an arcane classroom. Notes on the lecturn in the front appears to be notes on casting an acid and fire spell.


Zon takes the last key and it doesn't work. Lightning flashes out and Zon took a lot of wound damage. He falls down and eats a healing fruit. Ka'l'ik walks up to Zon and casts a healing spell. Vahn walks up to the door to find out why it didn't work. He finally realizes the runes on the doors are entirely different than the ones on the keys. He comes to the conclusion that none of the keys will work on that door.


Jon: Roll perception: 2 Critical Fails, 2 Fails, 1 Amazing.


Battle Begins

Surprise Phase - for Dro'van

Dro'van identifies him as a defiler and draws his bow. Hits the defiler for 7W

Phase 1

Dro'van fails on his shot, critically.

Zon sprints up to the defiler. He misses.

The defiler casts a spell and hits with electric balls for 6W

Ka'l'ik leaps into the battle and the damage was absorbed.

Zon attacks again for 7W and 11W. The guy just pops out of space and disappears.

Battle Ends


Ka'l'ik runs upstairs to see if he went up and Zon follows. There are archers waiting for us at the top of the stairs.


Battle Begins

Round 1

Ka'l'ik leaps up into them and hits three times for 3W, 5W and 3W but were mostly absorbed by his armor.

Dro'van jumps off of Ka'l'ik's back and attacks with his bow and does 4M to a mul.

Vahn runs up the stairs and attacks with his bow for 7W on the remaining mul.

Zon does a side attack with both maces and slams the mul into the wall with 7W and 7S. He then slams him into the wall for additional damage.

Dro'van attacks the one Ka'l'ik is on and hits for 7W

Vahn fires in between us and hits Dro'van's first target and adds 4W to the 4M already done to him.

Ka'l'ik attacks again on the one in front of him but didn't really damage him.

Elendal runs up and slashes at the human on the way by for 7W.

Zon pulls back his maces and standing kick's the mul back away from him for 10S.

Ka'l'ik attacks for more damage on the human.

Vahn shoots the human for 3W.

The mul that Dro'van hit hard bleeds.

The mul on Zon attacks and hits him for 6W.

The human attacks Ka'l'ik with an obsidian weapon.

Zon attacks with a critical fail on one and an amazing on the second for 11W.

Elendal backstabs for 5W.

Round 2

Zon does a double uppercut with his maces and takes him out with 12S and 10W

The human takes out Ka'l'ik.

Zon turns and smashes the humans skull in for 7W and 12W.

Battle Ends


Drew ends up going home due to a massive headache.


Mike bitches about the effectiveness of his character again and we debate whether or not to heal him. We tell him to suck it up and move on.


Dro'van sqeezes a healing fruit and Zon applies two clots. That wakes up Ka'l'ik and he casts a heal spell on him and helps him considerably.


**The rule of storing charges of preservation magic equal to constitution score**

        Healing is 1 charge = 2 pts; 1pt = 1S

        Attacking with it is a Ranged Touch Attack, dmg TBD.

With the preservation magic, he almost fully heals himself.


When looted, they had 70sp and 80cp, 9 bone daggers, 3 longbows, 36 arrows.


Interestingly, each of them have a manacle on one leg. We don't know if they are freed slaves, or escaped, or what the significance of the manacles are.


We head back down to the second level that we missed and Elendal finds several more trip wires. We all go down the hall and look at the doors. The first door is a wooden door with bronze clasps and hinges. The writing on the door seems to be an ancient version of a language. The cuneiform appears to be the worshipping of king Kalak. 


Zon opens the door with his maces ready. It appears to be a chapel, but that concept really doesn't exist in general in this area. The idea of organized worship is strange. This room, however, seems to specifically do that. There appear to be prayers, an alter, pews, etc. 


We move on to the next door. Seems to be a similar door, minus the ornamentation. Elendal checks for traps and finds one. He attempts to disarm the trap. His attempt to pick the lock takes a little longer, but succeeds. He then opens the door.  The room is full of cages with slaves in them. There are about 12 slaves. There are also some animals in some of the cages. There are tables that appear to have been used for vivesections, bookshelves with books and scrolls, etc. Zon immediately walks up and smashes the locks off the cages to free the slaves.


Ka'l'ik walks up to the off-meat on the table and draws upon the earth and decontaminates the meat on the table. He then takes the meat over to the malnurished slaves and offers the meat. Ka'l'ik then charms the remaining lizards in the cages. 


The slaves all came from a slave tribe from the south of Tyr. We give them the waterskins and food from the three guards above, and they are very grateful. They seem to be able to find there way back after being told where we are.


Ka'l'ik then asks Zon to care the lizards over all the tripwires, and we get all the animals out.


Elendal then approaches the last door and doesn't find any traps, initially. Then Dro'van finds a doozy. He warns the rest of us and we retreat into the cage room. Elendal then attempts to disarm it. The lock moves around the door as he tries to disarm it and there is a cumulative + 1 penalty on each roll. He stops at 7 successes at a + 5. He gives up, deciding not to roll 3d20 for the next try. He has to roll a dodge as he gives up. He is hit with a lightning blast for 10W.


We give up on the doors we can't open.


4 pts


GM Notes




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