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Castles and Crusades

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 8 years, 9 months ago

Castle and Crusades


Castle's and Crusades is a game published by Troll Lord Games.  It is what I would call an old school game. 


In the end, after playing this for several weeks, I'm not impressed.  I could use this if that's what the group wanted to use but it wouldn't be my first choice.  The system is grim and gritty and it does that very well.  However, half of the classes get all of their abilities at level one!  There are a few that get some extra abilities here and there, like the fighter gaining a second attack.  Then there are some classes, like Monk, Druid, Knight and Paladin that gain abilities throughout their levels.  Technically, the same could be said for spell casters, who gain higher level spells at higher class levels.  Anyway, this distribution of class abilities is a big downside for me.  What this means to me is that classes don't have replayability.  It truly is like 1E/2E DND where once you have played a fighter, there is nothing else to figure out.  It's the "starter" class for new players, because it has so few abilities.  I think that's bad.  I get that going to 3E adds complexity into it but without some complexity, you get this. 


The system does have the idea of multi class but it's not truly multiclassing.  It's more gaining an ability or two from another class.  Sure, it might add some differences for veteran players but not sure it's enough. 


That's not to say we aren't having fun.  We are.  But I think it's more because of our group that's doing it, not because the rules are helping us.  So, like 1E, I could use this for a game with a group that I trusted but prefer something with more options myself. 




Dark Sun - Tyr



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