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FR - Neverwinter - Session 4

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More Cultists


August 25, 2011


The group has been researching the cult and found out several things.  They all have to have a scar that they carve themselves onto their body, usually above the heart.  Also, it has to be fresh and there is some magic involved such that it doesn’t bleed but looks like it should.  They also watched the place until some more cultists showed up and then fled at seeing the carnage and this led them to another section of town.  There are a couple of other leads but this seemed to have a lot of traffic and was a good bet that another cell of the cult was here. 


They watch this building for several days, getting and idea of where they enter.  They notice that many cultists enter a building and then they don’t see them again until they enter the same building again!  So, there must be some magic or a tunnel that’s allowing this.  They watch as a group of people are led into the entrance building and realize a large sacrifice is about to happen and they had better do something.  They decide now is the time. 


The approach the entrance building and realize that the vendors must be involved somehow.  They are cautious and do get into the building and a quick fight.  Inside the entrance building, there is a teleport circle that was recently used and several of the mages think they can activate it to take them where the rest went. 


They appear in another building but recognize it but there are guards and so the fight is on!  They defeat them but it’s too noisy and more guards appear so there is another fight.  Then they start searching the building complex, which is several buildings connected together.  It’s a weird setup but they search it.  They find another link to a third building via a magic portal but not much else.  However, one of the group is the pulled into a central area with no way to escape and to statues that animate and start attacking!  Another character gets pulled in to help in the battle but it’s not going well until the third person is pulled into it as well.  Then they manage to defeat the statues.  However, getting out proves to be tough until they figure out that it takes someone on the outside to open the way. 


Once gathered back together, the final room has an illusion covering the stairs going down, which they take to the basement.  They find a dungeon and fight some more cultists before they can make the sacrifice out of the people they saw earlier.  They get all of them out and report back their findings.  There’s evidence there is another cell or two operating in the area and now the group has a better idea of what to look for in identifying the cultists.


550 xp


GM Notes

  • We started again in media res with the map of the buildings set up beforehand.  It seemed to work pretty well and I wanted to use the tiles that I had. 
  • It was fun having the map all laid out and then revealing the connections later, via more tiles.  Then I put another Plexiglas on top of the map to draw the dungeon below ground.  It worked out well! 
  • We talked about level advancement speed and I ended up giving xp, instead of having them level up at this point, but we left that as an option for the future.



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