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FR - Neverwinter

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 9 years, 3 months ago



I had several choices about the new campaign. One was Cormyr and the new ideas I had there. I was leaning toward it but I decided to go with Neverwinter, mainly because it's closer to where the other campaigns were set and now I can introduce what has happened to the other characters via what happens here.


I jumped the timeline by several years, to 1360 DR. They are in Neverwinter and already conflicts are brewing.



Character Name
Player Name
Qynn John Goliath Cleric
Pelenois Brook   Sorcerer
Paelias Drew Eladrin  
Elthieren Goldleaf Mike Gold elf (Eladrin) Bladesinger
Thorgal Uldred Berry Dwarf Swordmage





Lady Ralee Neverwinter In charge after the death of the Lord of Neverwinter
Magic Guy Neverwinter Odds jobs and transfer enchantments



8/4/2011 - Quick

8/11/2011 - Asked a lot

8/18/2011 - More than Meets the Eye

8/25/2011 - More Cultists

9/8/2011 - The Other Cultists

9/15/2011 - City Adventure

9/22/2011 - On the Road Again

9/29/2011 - Off the Road

10/6/2011 - Choices

10/13/2011 - Evidence

10/20/2011 - Kernels

10/27/2011 - Seeds of Doubt

11/2/2011 - There Was More Than One


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