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FR Scornubel

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 9 years, 7 months ago

FR Scornubel


1357 DR


I had this idea for a new FR campaign.  I had just found and bought the gray boxed set from the local game store.  It was in mint condition, as if never opened for over twenty years!  That had me really excited.  So, my thought was to run an FR campaign using the boxed set but with 4E rules.  


No Time of Troubles.  That's a big one for me.  When the boxed set first came out, I barely got used to the gods they had in it when the first fiction set changed it!  (TSR did the same thing with Dark Sun four years later.)  Several gods were killed and others were changed.  This time around, I'm not going to do that!  While at the time, I didn't mind it so much, eventually I didn't like what they did with the gods so am happy to do a reset back to the basics.  


A point of light setting, with Corymr and Sembia being the few safe countries.  Oh, there are other countries that are safe if you are from them, such as Thay, Mulhorand, Halruua or Unther but those are the exceptions, not the rule.  Most of the land is open wilderness after many goblinoid invasions that have been pushed back but at great cost.  In a way, this brings back the potential for wandering monsters, which is good and bad.  (I don't believe in "random" things and would prefer a story or at least an idea of why the monsters are in the area.)  


I therefore knew that I didn't want Corymr or Sembia, or the Dales, used as they are a bit safe.  That meant going to the Western Heartlands.  I picked Scornubel as the town for no reason other than it's centrally located in the area.  Then, I went to my twenty year library to get history on this area and found very little.  It's an area used to get to other places.  As such, they are independent because very few look to this area to establish a country.  Having said that, there have been many conflicts in this area of big armies but probably because it wasn't hurting any of their own home territories.  The people who do live here, and there are quite a lot, don't appreciate it but keep going as best they can.  


The land itself is good farming in the south areas to badlands as you go further north until the High Moor is reached.  The main river, the Chionthar, is wide like the Missouri or Mississippi in that barges can fit all along it up to Iriaebor.  There are other types of vessels as well, such as for fishing but most are barges carrying loads up or down the river to Baldur's Gate.  There are lots of plains with some mountains and forests spread throughout the region.  A very good region for adventure!


Character  Player  Race  Class 
Teldryl (NPC) Sun Elf (Eladrin)  Psion 
Vahn Rugard Drew Githzerai Monk to Revenant Assassin
Darksouls Jay Dragonborn Bard
Bamarden Brook Wilden Swordmage (deceased)
Ander (NPC) Half Elf
Avenger of Oghma | Battlemind
Inari Tara Half Elf Druid
Paavu  Brook Goliath Paladin of Tempus
Brax John Half-Orc  Barbarian 
Lucan Mike Sun Elf (Eladrin)
Rogue | Paladin of Tymora
Gabriel Eboncross  John Shade Hexblade (Gloom Pact)



XP Chart




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Name  Location  Notes 
Roth  Scornubel  gopher at gambling hall  
Trey  Scornubel  Vahn's rival who is now starting a guild in town  (now deceased)
Ontren Scornubel Trey's team mate (smaller guy)
Avenel Scornubel Trey's boss - working with Torsil and Nyler.  (deceased)
Dulen Scornubel Local blacksmith with whom the group has entered into a partnership (deceased)
Josper Scornubel Dulen's apprentice (deceased)
Morth Scornubel  Dulen's apprentice (deceased)
Jandrel Scornubel Fence who deals in weapons
Dendren Scornubel Fence who deals in precious metals, gems and jewelry
Irvar Scornubel Person who tried to get protection money from Dulen
Turko Scornubel Irvar's muscle
Torsil Scornubel Working with Avenel and Nyler
Nyler Scornubel Working with Torsil and Avenel
Larloch Scornubel? Ancient Netherese lich who has taken an interest in the group
Lady Ambermantle Scornubel Leader of the town
Lady Sheila Vermil Scornubel Lady Ambermantle's assisstant and liaison to the group
Chad Scornubel One of the older kids in the warehouse, training the others
Miranda Scornubel One of the older kids in the warehouse, training the others
Bell Scornubel She showed up and helped with the magical rift.  And now is gone.
Brielbara Baldur's Gate mage that did some enchanting for them
Gondal Baldur's Gate Mage that is better with rituals than enchanting
Thessa Around Leader of the Thieves Guild and Vahn's boss (deceased)
Torsil Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Burglary
Nyler Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Extortion
Koralyn Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Gambling
Duliel Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Loansharking
Tran Scornubel  Thieves Guild - In charge of Forgery
Neera Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Pickpockets
Gossar Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Smuggling
Shiira Scornubel Thieves Guild - In charge of Dance Hall/Prostitution
Snarl Varies Dragon the group met who helped them out.  Showed up to help with the fight with Thessa.
Kal Scornubel Halfing that introduces himself as the new liaison from Vax.
Vax Scornubel Beholder that controls the slave trade and Thessa's boss.  





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