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DNDMC 4E Level 13-15


16 January 2010


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Great Bear Shaman




Avenger-Zealous Assassin








Wizard-Spell Storm Mage




Cleric-Hammer of Moradin




It is still winter time, still cold.

We defeated the Orc’s that were attacking the villages using orbs that were of Netheril origins, old magic.


But the leaders of the villages ask the party to track down the Orc’s and see who their leaders are, and to put a stop to their evil plans.


Some of the party has to leave, but some new members are added before they leave for the quest. The new members had heard about the events and came to help stop the orc invasion.


It has been about a month, but still, the party is able to find the tracks of the escaping orcs.


The shaman leads the party through the woods, following the Orc tracks, and can tell that the orcs caught up to something large; something on the size of giants. We can tell the giants had wandered off into the hills, and the orcs went a different direction.


An unexpected snow storm comes upon the party as they take a break for the evening. It is not a problem, but the party hunkers down. The next day, the party can see many footprints and can easily tell the footprints are large size.


Towards late afternoon, almost all of the party can tell that there are very current tracks. The party immediately identifies it as an ambush. Jountosh can tell where the ambush is being set up even, so in tune is he with nature. He predicts there are about 15 of the large creatures ahead in the trees, awaiting the party.


The party gets into position, and the attack is begun with a lightning-ball from Dobbs. The quite of the day is shattered as the explosion engulfs four of them. Three drop to the ground dead, while the fourth one is staggered, small flares of electric motes falling from his scorched flesh.


A twain rings out as the bow of Escalus releases an arrow. The shaft flies into the eye of one of the Cyclops figures, causing it to cry out in pain.


Salem rushes up to the leading Cyclops and attacks his new oath of enmity. Blinded with the arrow in his eye, the Cyclops can’t defend against the attack (35pts) and the creature becomes bloodied. He then activates his armor that allows Salem to slowly fade into the shadows of the forest, nearly unseen in a stealthy haze. Even so, Salem can tell the Cyclops see’s him easily.

The surprised cyclops’s ready their battle axes. One moves up into flanking behind Salem. So surprised was the creature, that he misses the Avenger.

Daknar rushes up to the wounded Cyclops and slashes with a viscious attack, almost dropping the creature, but not quite.


Another Cyclops moves up and raises it’s claive to attack the Deva, cutting him deeply.

Etrunnak charges at a Cyclops, but loses his footing and misses.


The cleric throws his hammer at a Cyclops, it makes a swooshing sound through the air and looks like it is going to miss, when suddenly Salem calls out and the hammer hits true (21pts) and kills the Cyclops.

As the hammer returns to Skeld, it swings and misses hitting another Cyclops.


A group of Cyclops moves forward to attack. Etrunnak and Daknar are initially missed.  A critical hit smacks into Salem.


Jountosh summons two spirit companions, placing one next to him and one with the front line group. The first spirit attacks the will of a Cyclops, but misses with a 22. Then a zone appears around the fighters that give a +1 to attack.


A Cyclops mutters a few words and calls forth a storm cloud that does lightning damage to anyone in it or starting in it or moving in it, and puts it on the casters in the back. Skeld, Escalus, Dobbs, and Jountosh are all hit. The rest of the Cyclops moves in. One charges Daknar and misses! Skeld is hit by a battleaxe, as is Jountosh.


Escalus casts a burst of doom, striking six of the Cyclops with a will attack. An emanation of radiant light with crackles of blue lightning ripple out of the Deva hitting them. They are dazed from the attack.


Salem shifts and attacks the closest Cyclops and critically strikes it, killing it dead. Three more of them are then teleported into a close bunch, preparing them for Dobb’s cage spell!


Dobbs then sets up his lighting cage. Anything in or adjacent to the wall causes damage, as does anything inside the cage. Three minion are immediately killed by sizzling blasts of lightning, while the last two absorb but take the pain.


A cyclops moves out of the lighting cage, taking an attack by Etrunnak and the summoned creature. Then Etruannak is struck a small hit by him.

Dakran moves up to help the casters, but misses.

A Cyclops moves up with his clave. He misses Etrunnak but hits the spirit companion and destroys it.  Jountosh takes damage as it is destroyed.


Etrunnak  swings and attacks, hitting a Cyclops for 31pts damage.


Skeld takes damage from being in the storm cloud, shifts out of the storm cloud and then attacks the Cyclops next to him. The effect goes off striking him for 44 points of damage as the minion is destroyed. As an after effect, Jountosh is shifted out of the storm cloud, allowing him to avoid lighting damage.


A dazed Cyclops swings at the spirit companion, but misses.


Jountosh summons a spirit companion next to Etrunnak, and then has it attack a Cyclops but misses. Even so, he allows Salem to use a healing surge.


The Cyclops holds up his hand and an orb of lighting appears there, he throws it at Salem as the closest adversary. A boom shatters the air as it impacts for 14 points damage. More of the Cyclops warriors attack but misses.


A shimmering appears in the air as a Cyclops appears next to Skeld. He uses a rebuking strike against him and hits for 29 points damage from the axe.


Escalus creates a zone of grasping energy that hits two of the Cyclops, immobilizing them and causing 12 damage. One of the minions falls to the ground dead from the attack.


Salem moves up to attack the caster and attacks, hitting for 31 points damage.


Another attack misses against Etrunnak as Daknar manages to take out a minion and moves into flanking with Etrunnak.

The Cyclops doesn’t like that, shifts out of flanking, and hits Etrunnak.

Etrunnak doesn’t like that, shifts and hits him back for 23 points of damage.


Skeld moves up and into flanking position, and attacks with an avenging flame, needing a 33 to hit AC. The maul comes down on the Cyclops body for 24 points damage, and ongoing 5 fire. If it attacks, it won’t be able to shake off the fire. As a minor action, he takes his second wind.


The Cyclops shaman seems to know exactly where Salem is as he pulls out his quarter staff and attacks. It his him for 10 points damage and there is a sudden boom as one point of thunder damage is inflicted.


Escalus does an area burst attack which chains of Karserrie as chains appear around the Cyclops forms and attempt to entangle them. He manages to hit the one and slow it.


Salem, pissed at being hit when he was hiding, attacks and almost hits. An ability goes off and the guaranteed hit misses.


Dobbs moves closer to the shaman Cyclops, summons a spectral RAM and manages to hit! The image of a ram’s head appears and hits, pushing the Cyclops 20 feet backwards and knocked prone.


The wounded Cyclops takes damage and attacks Etrunnak.

Daknar moves up to the wounded Cyclops, does a critical attack for 30 points damage!


Cyclops chases after Salem, takes a hit from the spirit companion as it leaves, and slams his axe into Salem for 30 points damage, bloodying him.


Etrunnak steps up and attacks with a critical hit of his own for 44 points damage, slicing the Cyclops in half.


Skeld heals up Salem allowing him to use a healing surge and does 18 points damage against the Cyclops and gives combat damage if he wanted it. Salem is still upset against the shaman and will charge him.


Jountosh moves his spirits to surround a Cyclops and does a winter wind attack as a giant spirit of wind appears covering the Cyclops in ice and happy horseshit stuff. But he misses.


The shaman stood up and then he ran, trying to get away.


He is only 100 feet away from Escalus, who uses a lighting arrow but misses. He then uses an action point and tries again, this time the arrow hits and dazed the shaman. Since it hit, Escalus can take a second attack, hits with a cold arrow, which slows him as well as doing 20 points damage.


“You stopped me from getting to my oath of enmity!” yells Salem, as he smacks the Cyclops next to him for 13 points damage and then moves towards the shaman.


Daknar rushes up to the battle reaver Cyclops and hits him as he marks the Cyclops.

The Cyclops rushes away, takes a hit from a spirit companion as he tries to hit Salem, but misses him.


Escalus does a bull rush against the battle reaver and hits him for 19.


Skeld moves up closer to the battle reaver, but does nothing else.


Jountosh moves up and has the spirit attack the battle reaver but misses.


The dazed and slowed shaman, looking very confused. He moves 2 and gets rid of the daze, but is still slowed.


Escalus moves 30 feet closer and releases another arrow trying to daze the shaman. The arrow sticks in his back with electrifying force causing 21 points damage and dazing him.


Salem shifts to the opposite side of the shaman to prevent his running away, and slices into him, cutting him down.


Dobbs casts a cloud of daggers at the battle reaver but misses.

Daknar rushes up but misses.


The Cyclops does a sweeping cleave. It does 7 points against Escalus and Jountosh.

Etrunnak unleashes and pounds on the Cyclops, hitting him for 18 points.

Jountosh has his spirit attack, and manages to hit thanks to flanking.

Everyone else misses.

The Cyclops goes again having avoided most hits, doing a sweeping glave against 3 people. Escalus is hit for 9 points damage.

Etrunnak hits him again for 15 points damage.

Salem moves up and attacks for 15 points damage (leaving 1 point)

Daknar finally manages to strike the last Cyclops down, ending the battle.


The party takes a short rest. Searching the bodies find some coins but nothing exceptional.


Dakran has Skeld heal up the last Cyclops and intimidates him.

“Who are you working for!”

“Why, for the Fey you mortals. We have great insite thanks to our ally Cabal.”

“Where did the orcs go that you met up with?” questions Daknar.


“Probably whimpering back to their masters, you think they do anything without being told. Their masters are some wimpy giants to the south of Amn, we don’t care. And don’t think because you stopped us that we don’t have more. Destroying this form merely pushes me back to the feywild, I will be back and my allies will overrun this area…so much for the human little realm. And our allies in Amn will…I take that back. You will not find out who she is…. Even if I wanted to, I could not betray her, she is a shape shifter! Now I have told you everything, let me go.”


Salem grants his wish, with a sword thrust to his throat, killing the fey.





The group decides to move forward towards the outpost in Amn.



Along the route, the party encounters another ambush. They see it, but cannot do anything to prepare.


Ahead are several more Cyclops, and suddenly a white dragon lands.


“Well gentleman,” says the dragon, “so much for a surprise. I give you a chance, turn around and live out a long life. What? You wish to fight me? You wish to die? I get a lot out of this whether I let you live or die, so I will kill you all. I have already lived several hundred years, I don’t see anything here that would change that. Very well then, prepare to die!”


A Cyclops charges forward and attacks Etrunnak for 16 points damage.


Salem attacks the Cyclops, doing a bond of retribution attack, and hitting the 31 AC for 14 points damage.


Daknar moves up to position himself between the attackers and the party.

Dobbs casts sleep, misses the first Cyclops but hits the second. He is slowed, if he fails his save he falls asleep.


A Cyclops pulls out two spears and throws them. One heads towards Dobbs and spears him for 15 points damage and the spear impales him into the ground immobilizing him, and he takes ongoing damage until he can pull it out.

The second spear goes towards the wilden and hits him with the same penalties as Dobb.


The witchdoctor casts a fireball back at the party. It does 15 points damage when hit, getting Salem, Etrunnak, critically hitting Dobbs for 27 points damage, Skeld, and Jountosh. Then he falls to the ground asleep, as the spell takes effect and he fails save.


A battlereaver moves up to attack Daknar, but misses! Daknar cheers.


Escalus hits the sleeping witchdoctor with two arrows for 62 points damage as it is asleep. When it awakens, it will be dazed and slowed.


The dragon looks over the battlefield.  As a minor action, he casts a frozen tomb against Jountosh’s fortitude. It does 17 points damage as he is restrained and stunned. He then moves forward and uses his breath weapon as a cold wind rushes out. It his Skeld and Salem doing 26 cold damage and the target is slowed and weakened.

Etrunnak misses his attack. Jountosh makes his save.

A Cyclops goes after Etrunnak, hits him for 16 points damage and bloodying him.

Salem shifts forward and attacks the Cyclops for 33 points damage.


Daknar delivers a flurry of blows on the battle reaver, striking for 25 points damage and slowing the Cyclops.


Dobbs summons up another storm cage, enclosing the dragon and putting it next to two Cyclops. The cage attack itself only hits the battle reaver, but does 24 points damage, which Daknar likes. The outer wall is the dangerous item, if someone is next to or adjacent to it, plus it’s rough terrain. Unfortunately, he cannot pull the spear out and is still pinned.





A Cyclops moves down and charges the archer but misses.


The witchdoctor makes all three saves and is no longer asleep, dazed, or stunned.


Skeld does a mass healing word that heals everyone a healing surge without using a healing surge!

He then casts a blade barrier that encompasses the dragon and a Cyclops.

He is still weakened and slowed as he fails his saves.


The battleweaver takes damage from the lightning wall. He tries to move and Dakran stops him, so he attacks Dakran and misses! It’s a good turn for Dakran.


Escalus takes a 5’ step back and then does a thunder of judgement against fortitude. He pushes the first one back ten feet. The second is pushed back as well, causing him to take damage from it. The third is pushed through the wall and into the blade barrier, taking a total of 23 points damage and all 3 are dazed.


The dragon takes damage from the cage and the blade barrier.

“Well, not bad for some puny adventurers…” says the dragon as he enables his frightful presence versus will. Stunned until the end of the dragons next turn and another after effect happens. It hits Skeld, Dobbs, Jountosh, and Salem. The humans threw it off.


Etrunnak moves over to the Cyclops on the archer, attacks and hits for 16 points damage.


The Cyclops in the cage takes 34 points to start his turn, being in the cage and on the blade barrier.

He moves out and rushes up to Dobbs, taking another 10 points as well. He hits Dobbs for 12 points damage.


Daknar moves down to try and help Dobbs by killing the Cyclops, and almost does it, but not enough as it has a couple of points left.


Dobbs does a dimensional door to get away and then casts a wall of daggers at the almost dead Cyclops killing it.


Cyclops attacks Etrunnak with a spear doing 9 points damage.


The witchdoctor does a forked lighting attack against Salem and Daknar, hitting only Daknar for 12.

Escalus shoots at the witchdoctor but misses.


The white dragon then goes. His breath weapon does not recharge The dragon moves up towards the stunned Skeld and Salem, but neither are bloodied. He goes after Salem with 2 claws using dragon’s fury. He fails on one attack and cannot bite, but does do 25 points damage with the critical claw attack. He spends his action point and tries to hit again. He fails on both of them! Wasting his action point!


The people stunned are not longer stunned, but they have a -2 to attacks until they save.


Etrunnak attacks the Cyclops for 22 points damage, cutting deep into it.


Jountosh summons his spirit companion, allows everyone a chance to shift ten feet, and then attacks the battle reaver hitting him!  He does 13 necrotic and gains vulnerable 5 for all damage save ends.

Using his action point, he uses his spring renewal strike against the dragon…but misses.


Salem marks the dragon as his oath of enmity, hits for 32 points damage. He then casts river of life to get healing back until the end of the encounter. Hits again against a 32 AC using an action point for 26 points damage, and is invisible to the target…maybe.


Dobbs uses a thunderwave to push and damage the two Cyclops forty feed.

The battlereaver moves into flanking against Daknar and hits him for 8 points damage.

The witchdoctor tries to hit Escalus with a ball of fire that he throws at him. It slams into the archer for 16 points fire damage.


Skeld casts angels rescue against the dragon for 31 points of damage.


The battlereaver does a cleave attack against Daknar and Salem, hitting Daknar for 7 and misses Salem.


The dragons breath weapon recharges but he still goes after Salem with a natural 1 and a natural 20, causing 20 points damage.


Etrunnak moves up and thanks to flanking hits the Cyclops for 24 points damage and also takes a healing surge.


Jountosh has his spirit companion draw the attention of the dragon and does 44 points damage with a critical hit! The dragon now has a minus 5 penalty as he is marked by the spirit companion.


Salem does a deadly stride allowing a shift of 3 as he attacks the dragon with combat advantage, hitting for 23 points damage.


Daknar does a cleave attack at the battle reaver, critical the hit! Leaving the Cyclops with just a few hit points.

Dobbs takes out the Cyclops with an attack as the spell jumps to a second target for 29 points damage. He then pulls the spell back using the staff. Then, using his action point, he uses icy rays hitting the witchdoctor and immobilizing him, leaving him with just a couple of hit points too!


The Cyclops attacks Etrunnak, hits for 14 points damage.

The witchdoctor attacks Dobbs with a ball of fire…but misses with a critical failure.

Skeld takes a step back and casts a spiritual weapon, and hits the 29AC for 14 points damage and grants combat advantage to everyone against the dragon.


Escalus uses a judgment of thunder attack that can hit all 3 remaining creatures versus their fortitude. He hits the all three of them! He kills the witchdoctor, dazes the other two.


The white dragon, dazed, breaths on Salem and Jountosh for a possible 26 points damage as he hits them both, slowing and weakening them both.


Etrunnak kills the last Cyclops, walks up to the dragon, and uses Crack the shell hitting for 17 points damage and a -2 penalty to AC for the rest of the encounter.


Bear and fang attack from the spirit companion hits for 16 points damage and is marked by the spirit.

Then, using a minor gives Salem a healing surge.


Salem, slowed and weakened, and bloodied, hits for 6 points damage.


Daknar moves up to the dragon, hits with a dizzying blow that grants a +2 to all attacks for the rest of the encounter, and hits for 25. He then uses his action point and hits again for 29 points damage.


Skeld sustains the magical weapon, hitting for 11 points and keeping the combat advantage onto the dragon. He then throws his hammer, hitting twice for 19 points and dropping him prone.


Escalus attacks, releasing multiple arrows for 59 points total damage!


As the dragon is bloodied “Argh, you are almost a nuisance!” as he attacks with his breath weapon for 32 points of damage. He hits Etrunnak and Jountosh, but misses Salem – who shouts for joy! Jountosh is bloodied.


Then, as his turn, he does a claw claw attack on Salem. He does not hit with the second attack again, but does bloody him.


Etrunnak hits for 8 points damage, but is still slowed and weakened.


Jountosh steps back and heals himself.


Salem misses but saves against the weakened and slow.

Daknar moves up and misses as well, as he rolls terrible.

Dobbs hits for 10 damage with a dagger wall causing ongoing damage.

Skelds magical weapon hits for another 12 damage and then does a healing surge +14 Salem. Last, he does a dagghnting light attack for another 22 points damage.


Dragon takes its ongoing damage. He attacks Salem again using just his bite. He hits finally getting a taste of the Deva doing 17 and 22 points damage. Since he is still dazed, that is all he can do.


Etrunnak hits for 6 points damage and finally throws off the effects of being weakened.


The dragon, dazed from Escalus arrows, still prone on the ground, tries to bite at Salem in an enraged fury. He hits with one claw but does not get the bite attack.


Salem, swearing to kill the dragon, hits and kills the dragon!


The party continues towards the outpost. We are close, so we keep going.  As we get to the tower, the guards are confused as to why someone would be out here on the border in the middle of winter.


Daknar talks to the guards and indicates we are adventurers looking for a place of rest. We don’t lie as to who we are, and suddenly the place is full of people wishing to hear the stories as the names of the party are known. The town seems to be half and half men/women.


Destilin is the leader of the outpost. Felnon is one of the sergeants while one of the female sergeants is Erole and Mila is another one. Pretty much they keep the party up late with questions and wanting to hear stories.


We do ask if anyone has heard rumor about a white dragon. We heard one scout had seen a dragon, but nothing else. They ask a few more questions and then we are allowed to get some sleep.


That night, everyone levels up to level 15.


Dobbs said based on what the group can do to help, he will change the area of coverage for the spell.  He gets enough help to cover the entire fort. The rest of us talk to and try to distract the people there. The guards are nice enough, they understand the adventurers are helping with the orc problems and thus helping the area.


Arel, the scout that saw the dragon, talks and says “Yeah, it was over a month ago, I saw a dragon flying to the west of here. It landed, and maybe I can show you were it landed.”


As the spell goes off, Marla suddenly loses her veil and says “You fools!” and vanishes.


One of the guys goes, “We thought she was acting strange, but we figured it was from being out here so long. She had been going into the woods nearby, so I don’t know if there are others there. I don’t know how long it has been someone else. It has been at least six months ago that a human arrived from Amn. Thank you for revealing that thing…but…  Also, she left a chest here; can you check it out for us?”


As we go there, Dobbs can tell there is a magical spell in place on the chest. Looking closely, he can tell there is summoning magic that could pull forth creatures of fey origin, but that is about it.


Escalus decides to try and disenchant the summoning magic. He easily disenchants it with the help of the rest of the party members with arcane ability. Inside the chest is mostly mundane items except for a crystal and a magical sword and some magical gloves. The amethyst crystal looks to be a piece of a portal to open a gate to the fey wild.

Escalus identifies the gloves and the swords (up to 1 level higher than 16)


Looking around, Dobbs and Escalus find small pieces of crystal all around the camp, as if she had been trying to set up a portal to the fort itself. They pick up all the small pieces as well as making sure it had not been cast already. It is close, the fey could have transposed this entire base possibly.


We decide to check out the woods.


When we get close, we send in Salem, the only person with stealth training. He moves forward and eventually finds a group of people.


Looking, we find some people in the woods. Looking at them, he can identify them as members of the Fey. One of the eladrin has an owlbear as a pet. There are quicklings there; they are only 2 foot tall. There are two of them and ten eladrin’s.



The woman that was Marla is there with a disguise and he overhears her say, “ the giants have not been able to send support as they have promised. We are going to have to increase the speed of the campaign because….” The owlbear interrupts as it makes a noise and looks in Salem’s direction. He hurridly gets away as he can hear the woman say “Let him go, finish the rest of the ritual and we will…..”


Salem calls out “Attack! They are performing a ritual!”


Daknar rushes up, but can’t get to the enemies, even in a charge.


A lightning sphere goes off as Dobbs attacks a group of people. A few minion drop to the ground dead after the attack and a couple others fail to get out of the way.


Escalus moves up and casts an area burst effect, as grasping chains of justice is cast. Couples of minion are hit and vanish. One is a critical hit with 48 points damage, instantly bloodying it.


Salem charges the owlbear. He hits for 39 points damage and is invisible…again, maybe.





The third area burst goes off as Skeld casts a searing burst of fire into the same spot as the previous two.

Two minions are killed and the changeling is burned, along with another eladrin.



The eladrin moves and attacks Salem, upset at his attack on the owlbear. Because he is hidden from the owlbear, he can’t flank Salem, but still marks him and does 20 points damage.



The owlbear, unable to see Salem, attacks Etrunnak. He manages to hit with both claws and also with a bite for 23 damage. He is also grabbed and must now escape.



An immobilized quickling is no longer immobilized as a minor action but is still on fire as he attacks.  He moves and shifts all the way down to Dobbs, who he swings at and hits with his short sword. He keeps going, swings at Jountosh and hits for 12 points damage, then he keeps shifting away from the people he just hit.



Another moves up behind Etrunnak, hits for 8 cold damage.

Another eladrin moves down to attack Dakran with an attack of the entangling wild but misses.



The second quickling moves down and attacks Dobbs and Jountosh like the other one did; 15 points damage to Dobbs and 11 points to Jountosh as he then rushes pass.



Jountosh summons a creature companion, but it misses.



“All of you have ruined everything! You will die horribly.” But she can’t do anything because she is held.



Daknar attacks the eladrin in front of him, does 20 points damage but it barely scratches the creature.



Dobbs attacks the quickly but misses.



Escalus moves so that he can attack the woman that was Marla again as well as everyone else in a fifty foot area. He takes out the last of the minion, dazes the owl bear and Lamia (formerly Marla) as well as a quickling.



Salem attacks the owlbear for 36 points damage, easily striking the dazed creature.



Etrunnak easily escapes the owlbear’s clutches than attacks doing 24 damage and bloodying the creature. Because he bloodied it, he is the target of the stunning screech…but he easily shrugs that off too.



Skeld throws his magical weapon that attacks and eladrin and then flies over and hits the owlbear as well, knocking it prone, and returns. He also heals Etrunnak since he can, allowing him to get a healing surge.



The gladiator eladrin wants to use all of his special attacks, but can’t because the owlbear is prone and dazed, so the dazed gladiator moves and that is it.



The owlbear swings at Etrunnak but misses. It does save against the dazed and can get up next time.



The eledrin blagard marks Salem. Since he is dazed, that is all he can do.



Quickling, still on fire, takes 2 attacks at Dobbs, hitting for 24 points damage and is bloodied!

He fails his save and is still on fire.

The second quickling attacks Dobbs but misses on both attacks.



Jountosh gives a healing surge to Dobbs and himself and moves his spirit companion to help Dobbs.



Lamia is dazed, takes fire damage, moves up next to Salem and scowls at him angrily. She does save against the daze



Daknar attacks the Eladrin blackguard, hitting for 17 points and dropping his AC until the end of his next attack.



Dobbs summons his storm cage and places it around the quicklings. One takes additional lighting damage while the other avoids it.



Escalus casts a wall of blades. The wall is forty foot long and twenty foot high, comprised of swirling blades. The blades are made of radient energy doing radient damage.



Salem attacks the owlbear, taking 6 points damage for not attacking the blackguard, and does 39 points damage. The creature is nearly dead.



Etrunnak does a cleave attack that hits all three creatures around him, doing 17 points damage to each of them.



Skeld moves up and hits the blackguard with hammer of the gods doing 15 points damage.



The owlbear is not prone, but is still dazed. It stands up and goes after Etrunnak. He does hit with one claw for 16 points damage. He then spends his action time to try again, gets a natural 20 but misses with the second. The blade barrier hits and leaves him in single digits.



The gladiator takes 30 points blade barrier damage as he can use the bugbear for flanking…but missed. He then moves out of the wall effects.



The quickling takes 10 points damage from the lighting storm wall and dies…the flames finally go out.

The other quickling tries to get out and fails as well as the last quickling drops.



The blackguard takes damage from the blade barrier, tries to move but is stopped by Dakran. He then strikes and pins Dakran to the ground.



Jountosh’s summoned creature moves up and takes out the owlbear and heals Etrunnak for 8 points.



The Lamia takes damage from the fire and the wall, which bloodies her. She tries to get out but is stopped by Etrunnak. She then turns and tries to use her devouring swarm against Etrunnak but misses. She then tries to hit Skeld and Daknar. Daknar is pushed 3 squares and immobilized. She fails her fire- save and keeps burning, screaming in anguish over the stupid fire.



Dobb moves up and thunderwaves the blackguard, killing him and pushing the body 20 feet along the ground.



Escalus misses his attack but moves up closer to Lamia.



Salem moves up and attacks the Lamia but misses.



Etrunnak attacks and does 14 points damage to the Lamia.

Skeld flanks the Lamia and charges her with Angels rescue, hitting her and doing 25 damage.

Etrunnak is hit by the gladiator for 14 points damage.

The summoned companion misses.



The Lamia takes 10 points fire damage and then 22 points blade barrier damage. An aura of hers causes Skeld and Salem to each take 10 points damage. She then casts a cursed touch on Salem doing 10 points damage and dazing him. She finally makes save against the fire!!!



Dakran shoots with his crossbow since he is immobilized, and hits the Lamia for 9 points! He then throws off the immobilization.



Dobbs attacks the last two doing 5 damage but misses both.

Escalus sustains the blade barrier and shoots another piece off the wall to the gladiator but misses.



Salem takes 10 damage from the Lamia’s aura and drops her with a swinging attack.



Etrunnak does a reaping strike, hitting with a critical swing with a natural 20 for 31 points damage.



Skeld moves up to the gladiator and does a healing strike for 26 damage, dropping the last eladrin.



The party searches the bodies and looks around the area. More crystal parts are found as the ritual was successfully stopped. The arcane people can tell that we have not found all of the pieces, there are still some missing.



There is a ritual available to find the pieces, and it reveals the other parts are up in the mountains to the west close to where the dragons are at. The trip will take a few days to get there.



While moving towards the location with the day not quite ended, another ambush occurs.

We can see the frost giants coming on to attack. There are at least three of them, and three ice arcons.

Ice arcon Reimhammer, he has a maul. He does cold damage and resists cold, and has an aura.

The other two are ice arcon hail-scourges. They are artillery.

The frost giant ice shaper goes first, conjuring up a wall of frost and whirling snow. It blocks everyone else but allows he and his allies to go through them. He then attacks Jountosh, sliding him into the frost wall.



Dakran moves up and attacks the first frost giant, sticking and making him vulnerable until the end of his next turn and doing 17 points damage.



Escalus casts a fire sphere at the ice shaper and two arcons, hitting all 3 and dazing them. As a minor action, he casts a shielding nimbus against cold for protection.



Jountosh goes, starting by taking 15 points damage from the ice wall. He then summons his two spirit companions. He moves out of the frost wall. He then summons a spirits of battle zone giving a +1 to attack rolls. He then casts “spirit ocean” causing 18 points of damage.



Skeld attacks a frost giant by throwing his maul, it hits with 25 points damage and dazes it. It then rushes out and hits the reimhammer for 17 points damage and knocks it prone.



FG1 attacks Daknar is hit and has 10 vulnerability to cold, save ends.

FG2 attacks Daknar with his cold axe, 33 points damage.

The two hail scourgas do 2 attacks at Daknar, three hit for 69 points damage and drops to the ground



Salem moves up to attack an arcon, hits, and teleports three others over into a huge group.



The arcon with an aura moves and attacks Salem, it makes difficult terrain. He then attacks Salem for 17 points damage and slows him.



Dobbs first casts dimension door to move into the +1 area. He then uses his action point to cast “stone rack” a burst 2 area. Jets of jagged stone and rock come out of the ground. He then hits FG1, then a natural 20 on FG2 for 48 points damage, FGIS misses, IAH2 is hit for 20 damage, IAR takes 50 points on a critical, and misses the last guy.  He also misses the companion.

As a standard action, he casts a wall of fire that hits four of them. It also blocks line of sight.

As a minor action he casts resistance cold onto Etrunnak.



Fgis slides Dobbs into the cold wall. He then conjours a freezing bolt and throws it at Dobbs.



Daknar stableizes but does not throw off the cold penalty.



Escalus uses an action point and flies to a new point and blinds FGIS. He then attacks both frost giants and dazes them, as well as hitting one of the arcon. Then he uses an ability that moves everyone away from the frost wall. He even pulls Daknar’s unconscious body and moves him away from the giants.



Jountosh gives Daknar a healing word, so he is now conscious. We also gain regeneration 2 and can cancel it to get 18 points healing when you stop it.



Skeld does a healing word on Daknar +12. Then throws the spiritual hammer and hits FG1 for 30 damage, bloodying it. Then he drops a blade barrier that pins FG1 and FG2 in place.



FG1 takes 20 points for fire and 17 for the blade barrier. He then takes 15 points for moving through the wall. The spirit misses the opportunity attack but both Etrunnak and Dobbs get 8 healing points.

FG1 ends next to Dobbs but since he is dazed he can’t do anything else except throw off the daze.



Fg2 tries to move and takes 14 damage from the fire wall and 13 for the blade barrier. Etrunnak then stops his movement by causing 20 points damage. He is still dazed and takes more damage.



Fiost arcon shifts out of the rocky terrain but takes 10 points damage as he crawls away and throws off the dazed effect.



Salem teleports to attack his oath of enmity for 34 points of damage, bloodying him. Then as a minor action he activates river of life giving a regen of 5.

Arcon moves up towards Salem, he is dazed, that is all he can do.



Dobbs casts thunder Lance at all the giants. He hits for 51 points damage killing frost giant 1. He misses frost giant two but pushes the FGIS out of the zone.



Etrunnak does 20 points of damage to the frost giant but can’t push him because the giant can resist.



FGIS shifts and throws a freezing bolt at Salem but misses. He then attacks with an ice slide and pushes him closer.  He then heals frost giant 2.



Daknar is back up and rushes up to frost giant 2, hits him bloodying him again and challenges him.



Escalus uses his bow with fire arrows but misses.



Jountosh moves his spirits and has one attack frost giant 2, striking for 13 points of damage and giving 5 temp healing to Daknar and Escalus.



Skeld misses with the blade barrier but causes the frost giant to give combat advantage to everyone.

Frost giant two take 15 damage from fire and ongoing 5 from the blade barrier. He then does a chilling strike against Daknar that misses.



A hailstorm drops on Salem, hits him for 19 points cold damage.

Etrunnak moves up to attack FGIS but misses.

The bloodied arcon attacks Etrunnak but misses twice.

Salem teleports behind his oath of enmity, attacks and hits for 41 points of damage, killing him!  As a minor action he makes the other guy an oath of enmity.

The other arcon moves around and attacks Salem, slowing him and causing 14 points damage.



Dobbs moves and drops the wall of fire.

Ice shaper attacks Etrunnak, sliding him 3 away, but he instead attacks and hits with a natural 20, but he has cold immunity and takes only 12 points damage.



Daknar attacks and immobilizes FG2 for 26 points damage.

An arrow flies from Escalus bow and hits the ice shaper for 21 points damage and is dazed.

Skeld uses the spiritual hammer to drop frost giant #2. He drops the blade barrier and then does a healing word one Salem +13, and moves closer.



Arcon shifts and attacks Salem, misses both times.

Salem moves, gets hit as an opportunity attack for 22 points to attack his oath of enmity and hits for 45 points damage.



Salem takes another 29 points damage as the other arcon moves into flanking position.



Dobbs misses an attack at the stone giant.



Freezing flail against Davefor 49 points damage, he negates 19 and takes 30 points.

Daknar rushes up and marks him as he does 17 points damage to an arcon.



Escalus shoots and arrow and kills the arcon Daknar just attacked.



Jountosh does a drawing all eyes to his spirit but the giant creates an ice shield and it misses.



Skeld heals everyone so nobody is bloody using a mass cure light wounds.

Etrunnak hits with a 38, and that is what he needed because of the ice shield.



Salem conjures a zone of shadow, hits with a natural 20 and does 48 points damage. He uses the ice shield to resist 20 of that, and the ice shield is gone.



Arcon attacks Salem with a maul but misses.



Dobbs casts the daggers but misses.

Frost giant attacks Etrunnak with the flail, hits for 4 points cold damage.



Daknar charges the frost giant, hitting for 17 points.

Escalus attacks the frost giant, hits for 21 points damage and is dazed. Second attack 31 points damaged and really dazed.



Spirit attacks the arcon, gets a natural 20 for 55 points damage and is marked. If he makes an attack he gets knocked prone and takes damage.



Skeld uses the spiritual hammer to attack the giant…and kills it!

He then charges the arcon with angels rescue for 37 points damage and kills the last creature.



Search the bodies and find more crystals. They didn’t have that much of value.



The party determines the next course of action and heads off in that direction. It takes a few days to get there. Even so, a huge winter storm comes up and causes issues but nobody except for one Deva had issues. The cave is seen quite far away and easily reached. As the party get to the start of the cave, Dobbs can tell there is a powerful ritual happening someone within the cave.



This does not deter anyone, so the party charges into the cave with abandon.



Inside are two earth titans two hill giants, two and three eladran performing the ritual.



Inside are two earth titans’ two hill giants, two and three Eladran performing the ritual.


Just as the group is getting close, Etrunnak trips and makes a very loud noise. One of the earth titans turns to look at the party. Without any choice, Escalus teleports the entire party up and onto the ledge and then does an area burst on an earth titan with the grasping chains, hitting and doing some damage against the hill giant.


Jountosh summons his spirits and puts them so that one attacks a giant and one an elemental. He casts the bonus area to help everyone.


Skeld rushes like a madman right into the middle of the attackers.

Salem follows Skeld, uses an action point to be concealed and teleport 3, then moves, and last uses a charge. He hits the Eladrin with a 35 AC, uses an ability of the weapon to do 2d10 more damage to an undamaged creature for 23 points damage. He then uses executioners cloak for an additional 24 points damage and is invisible to him.


Earth titan moves up to attack Dakran and Etrunnak. He takes his fist and slams it into the ground with an earth shock: hit are Daknar, Dobbs, Etrunnak, a spirit companion who take 18 points and are stunned.


Earth titan moves up to Skeld with a charge for 14 points damage.


The warlock Knight Vindicator attacks Salem with a natural 20 for 19 points damage and he is dazed.

Iron fell glave swings and hits Salem for 9 points damage and he marks Salem.


Hill giant moves down to attack the party. The spirit hits for 6 and Skeld hits as he runs by for 20 damage. He picks up a rock and throws it at the wilden, hitting him for 10 points damage.


Another giant comes down and attacks the spirit companion but misses.


The warlock knight luminary attacks Salem for 16 points damage and 21 points damage, bloodying the deva.


Escalus attacks some giants and dazes them.

Jountosh summons a bear companion next to Salem, but misses with his attacks. Uses his action point and does a spring renewal strike. It’s a 34 against fortitude that hits for 11 points damage and gives back a healing surge +11 to Salem – who needed it.


Skeld moves up by Salem. He casts a healing word on Salem +11. He then casts purifying fire in a burst 2 doing 24 points damage. Misses the titan, Hits all three eladrin and extra damage from the companion. It also give 11 points per person healing to Salem.


Salem moves and attacks, but he is force to reroll the attacks as a eladrin ability. He still hits for 63 points damage, bloodying the eladrin.


The titan hits both fighters in the front row.  He then uses an action point and hits them both again.

Dakran swings and hits thanks to the spirits flanking for 21 points damage.


Dobbs moves away from the earth titan and casts a lighting ball hitting the lighting ball and all three eladrin. It will do 25 damage. For a standard action he does a storm cage around the titan for 18.


Etrunnak misses.

The eladrins move to flank Salem with glave attacks for 24 points damage, the other hits for 15 points.


Hill giant throws a rock at Dobbs, hitting him for 8 points damage.

Warlock luminary goes, takes 10 points damage from fire. It casts bands of Tellose for 19 points damage to Salem and the spirit companion. The fortitude attack hits Salem and restrains him. He spends and action point to do an eldritch blast against Salem, hits for 31 points damage – bloodying Salem again.


Escalus casts Angelic Blades as he runs and jumps and exploding out of his back are blades like from a dagger. As he uses them to fly, he hits the two creates closest to him. He hits the giants  and Titans and slows them for 23 points damage with daggers .


Jountosh summons his companion back but misses with the big attack. He is able to give healing checks to Dakran though.


Skeld and Salem realize that the guy they have been pounding on is the leader, and if he dies, the battle could be over.


Skeld charges the would be leader, hits getting through his AC, and does 32 points damage. He then gives a healing surge +6 to Salem.


Salem, restrained, teleports next to the leader. Swings and misses.

The titan swings and hits both the fighters again.

The other titan moves to attack Skeld and Salem, hitting Skeld and a natural 20 against Salem for  33 points damage.


Dakran attacks the titan, hits for 20 points damage and shifts. He also enables some temporary hit points.


Etrunnak attacks and hits for 28 points damage, turns on a stalwart guard.

Salem is hit by one of the two eleadrin for 27 points damage.

Another moves down and attacks Skeld with two glave attacks, hitting both times for 24 points damage and 10 points radiant damage.


The hill giants throw a rock at Dobbs but missed.

Another throws a rock at Daknar but misses.


The Knight Luminary attacks Skeld but misses.

Escalus does the blade attack again: hits all 3 eladrin and a titan for 33 points damage, maxing on one of the eladrin for 45 points damage.


Jountosh summons his spirit companion and uses a healing surge to give 15 points back to Salem.

His spirit companion attacks for 11 points more damage and give Salem 5 temporary hit points.


Skeld, as a minor action, takes a second wind. Second minor action, healing word on Salem +15 and then attacks an eladrin for 19 points damage. The attack allows Salem to have a healing surge+5.


Salem attacks, hitting for 48 points damage against and Eladrin.


The earth titan turns around to the Eladrin “Your leader is dead, you can no longer help us!” and they shift into the earth, taking the hill giants with them.


The other two eladrin say “We surrender, we cannot do anything.”


The titans and earth giants left a lot of money.

100,000 worth of gold.

The eladrin gives any seven magical items of up to level 18.


The party has managed to stop yet another attempt by the fey.

They find evidence that the giants in Amn were involved in this and give the party the legal right to go into the heart of the country to take them out and the Oni mage.



GM Notes

  • I used to try and tailor items to characters but I find it harder in 4E.  Actually, I don't like magic items in 4E anymore.  They don't seem as special.  
  • More than that, though, if I put an item in, intending it for a particular character, I usually had to tell the group or that character might not get it.  So, unless the adventure is about getting a particular item(s), I let them pick anymore.  
  • I really did try and kill the characters.  I didn't hold back in my tactics with the monsters.  The players had really good tactics with their characters and really stopped my ideas.  It was well done.  It frustrated me but only in a "I hope it was still exciting" way.
  • I could have done more prep but it's tough for me.  I like to wing it too much.  That's the downside of Masterplan, it really doesn't play to my style.  
  • And, no edition or game can really handle lots of guys who like to have their say.  So, while we all wanted more role playing to get into role playing means some people won't be doing something.  Then it's not fun for someone.  I get it and might try some things but it's still tough.  
  • The final line was me sharing with them my ideas for the rest of the sessions through epic level.  I didn't give anything away other than going after the giants but there is still someone pulling their strings as well.  






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