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World of Darkness

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 14 years, 4 months ago

World of Darkness


I used the new World of Darkness for the Rayne Campaign and oWoD for the Dark Ages campaign. I can see why many White Wolf fanatics "look down" on DND players. In many ways, WW games are more difficult than DND and most other games. They aren't better or worse but probably more difficult.


Rayne - The idea behind this was the characters were brothers or cousins of the same family. They were a family of hunters, going after the supernatural. It was based on Supernatural as well as many other inspirations. It failed as a campaign due to two main factors, although I am sure there was more. When I broke my heel and we didn't game for five weeks, that really hurt my motivation. Further, when I stopped watching the TV show which helped with my inspiration, that didn't help things. I don't see us going back to this specific campaign but maybe we will play in the nWoD again. And if that's the case, I can give away some of my ideas here.


Dark Ages - The main idea behind this was a way to have a group with my wife. Unfortunately, we didn't play it often. My style then was to tell an overall story across multiple sessions. When each session is months apart, it was too easy to lose the details. I doubt my wife will play again but perhaps I might venture into the Dark Ages eventually.

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