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The Trap of Bane

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The Trap of Bane


September 2, 2008



Quick Overview:

We departed the forest after an uneventful night sleeping. We made it to town, went to the neutral temple, and explained the situation of finding the hidden training/testing temple of Bane and the need of 15 priests for a possibly long duration to cleanse the area. As a matter of precaution, we informed him of the Bane alters requiring gold or payment and not to go past that room, but did not mention the hidden areas.  After signing some reports indicating our needs and warning of the dangers to be give to the other lords in town, we went back to monitor the bane temple while waiting for the arrival of the priests.
Arriving back at the temple, two warriors and a mage were seen, they made a comment about “we must protect these items” and so we attacked. It was a tough fight due to the two fighters AC of 24. The mage tried to escape but Cabal had his flaming sphere block his escape. Duncan again took one out almost solo, although Kernosh had his first critical hit as well. Victorious, we found many magical items and money; key items were a globe with a platinum dragon surrounding it and an evil book talking about portals. We set up watch at the temple opening and waited while Cabal examined the artifacts.  Cabal eventually took the dragon off, found out it was sentient, and made it his familiar. The orb is some sort of arcane magical storage device that adds to attacks and other benefits. A belt is still up for grabs, and we let Cabal have the bag of holding since he is carrying so much. Sereck ended up with both an evil and good +2 holy symbols. There was also an odd compass that pointed only when Cabal used it but not to specific items: it's purpose is to be determined.
After a few visits from a friendly messenger rat indicating the delay’s in the villagers travels, they showed up. It was nearly two hundred people to support the priests, carrying materials and tents, even all the main lords and their servants showed up. Behind them was another large group of adventurers, warriors from the arena, bards, and gawkers there to see a show. After briefing everyone as they set up tents and such for a large camp, we entered the temple first to scout it out to much flourish and cheering. Suddenly the statue in the entrance moved and said “this time you will finish the tests”, and sealed the exit trapping us inside and thus all the priests outside.
With no choice, we paid to go through the alter room, went to the room with the pool, and three of us went into the pool and came out the other side. Luckily we did it without alignment changes and some enhanced training thanks to Bane. The last two members of the party have yet to go in. Bane kept tempting with "would you like to learn more" but the intelligence rolls needed to get out were very difficult. Orrin lost some permanent hit points failing some rolls to get out, but earned six bonuses? Cabal, lucky as always, got out as soon as he thought he had learned enough (6 bonuses as well I think). The not so intelligent Sereck tried to get out right out the gate, but it still took him five times to make the save and he was trying to get out as soon as he got in.
XP for Gathering Priests/fight: XP 200
Money from Mage: 1 gold, 383 silver each
DMs Notes
  • I am still getting used to the 4E rules but once I had a couple of ideas on how to do things, mainly game mechanics for the characters to overcome traps, I think it went well.  I was happy with it. 
  • I like how adding something for drama also seems to freak out the players more so than anything else I could so.  I had a character's light flicker like a strobe light and a statue move around and it did give them pause. 
  • We were short two players and they were missed.  (One was due to tragedy and I wish him and his the best during this time.) 
  • We ended on a good cliff hanger area that will allow us to pick up with the two that weren't there.  As usual, I am looking forward to next time. 


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