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A New World of Darkness game




This campaign was inspired by the TV show Supernatural. I really liked it and it was obvious to me this was a show about how mortals could be used in the WoD. So, with more enthusiasm than anything, I started this campaign.


As you can see from the dates, it didn't last very long. However, there were many reasons for this. First, I broke my heel and we lost a months worth of gaming. That really caused us to lose a lot of momentum. Two, I was hoping for colloboration with my PCs but it didn't work out. Three, the playing style of the players and what I saw as the campaign were not lining up. I was going in one direction and the players were thinking in another. It wasn't completely perpendicular but it did grate where we didn't match. And when we finally talked about a lot of things, they were correct. What I had done wasn't bad but it changed expectations. Fourth, Supernatural was over for its season and my source of inspiration was gone. I would like to think this wasn't a big part of it, because I have been reading the nWoD for a while and liked it, but I am sure it had some influence on my own enthusiasm.



The Players: Summary of the characters in the game. Click on their names for more information.

Character Name Race/Gender Type PC or NPC Player Name
Gordon Rayne Human Male   PC Greg
Robert "Doc" Rayne Human Male   PC Jock
Stephen Rayne Male   PC Brook
Benjamin Rayne Human Male   PC Kevin
Clancy Devearoux Human Male  


Hunter in New Orleans
Julie Reynolds Human Female  


Police detective in Chicago, also Stephan's SO
Nicole Winters    


Shelly Drake    


Lori Absalom    


Daniel Chesterfield Human Male  


Robert Bullock Human Male  


Jason Hendricks Human Male  


Michael Timmer Male werewolf  


Capt. Andrew Carter Human Male  




The NPCs: Summary of some of the NPCs the PCs met.


Alison Cragel: Witch (in custody)

Melissa Fredrick: Witch (in custody)

Laurie Tanager: Witch, (turned states evidence, witness protection)

Carol Davidson: Witch, KIA

Gina Mathews: Witch, KIA

Cthulhu: avitar KIA


Unknown Vampire: European accent

Maxwell Clarke: Prince of Vampires in Chicago

Persephone Moore: Vampire, sired by Maxwell, Vampire Liasion for the Raynes

Solomon Birch: evil Vampire, wants to be prince of Chicago

Witch Doctor: Necromantic VooDoo leader, calls us his enemy.


Corey : Hired the group after he thought he saw his brother

Randall : Brother not really dead but mixed up in some bad things


Valerie Young - Scion of Aphrodite



GM Notes - WoD: A few ideas that the GM has about the game.






Sessions: 6/6/2006 - 8/29/2006


06/06/2006 - Character creation

06/13/2006 - Pilot

06/20/2006 - The Witching Hour

06/27/2006 - Good Neighbors

07/11/2006 - Tests

08/15/2006 - Helping Hands (canceled, I think)

08/29/2006 - Helping Hands (redux) (played but talked about it and then this is when the campaign died, IIRC)




10/21/2008 - Dinner in Chicago (The saga continues)

10/28/2008 - Witches Coven

11/06/2008 - Confronting the Demon

11/11/2008 - Assault on the Rayne Mansion

11/18/2008 - The Missing Girl

11/25/2008 - The Brother Spirit & Persephone

12/02/2008 - Dangers

Holiday Intermission

12/23/2008 - ST Notes 122008

12/26/2008 - The Discussion


Back to normal

01/13/2009 - Farm Battle

01/20/2009 - Nexus Farm

01/27/2009 - The Break In

02/03/2009 - BloodTies

02/10/2009 - The Cabin

02/17/2009 - Cabin Battle

02/24/2009 - Demon Booded Humans 

03/10/2009 - Demon Summoning

     Daniel Chesterfield Story Part 1

03/17/2009 - The Steam Tunnel

03/24/2009 - Battle at McCormick Place

04/08/2009 - Confrontation at the Bookstore

04/14/2009 - Paradox

04/21/2009- Chicago 1871

04/28/2009- Wolf & Mage Killings 

      Daniel Chesterfield Story Part 2

     The Mage's Prophecy

05/05/2009- Assassins

      Daniel Chesterfield Story Part 3

05/12/2009 - Safe House Battles

05/19/2009 -  Confrontation and the Big Finale




XP Chart






Some Motivational Posters




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