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First Campaign

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First Campaign (4E)




     The Tales of Thunder Strike  


In a small town called Glenmaple, a simple business venture – a trailblazing search to find an overland route between two nations – unites the destinies of five adventurers and begins an epic story that will outlast the age. Legends always begin under normal circumstances.



A merchant in Glenmaple, Lyrmar Dagus, advertised widely his desire to create a trade route between the edges of two nations, divided by a massive forest. Two powerful dragonborn warriors – Sereck Dominer in the service of Bahamut and Kernosh as skilled at boosting his allies as fighting himself, the dwarf Duncan Redhammer, whose axes bite into flesh far more deeply than trees, an eladrin rogue, Orrin Derrikkross, whose daggers exploit the edges between shadow and light and Cabal Paen, a human wizard who plays on the minds of his foes; these are the warriors that begin a simple quest that changes the fate of the world.







Liswater - Old World Capital

Velen - New Realm Capital



Character Summary







Orrin Derrikkross Eladrin Rogue


Good Greg
Sereck Dragonborn Paladin


Lawful Good Tony
Kernosh Dragonborn Warlord


Lawful Good Brook
Duncan Redhammer Dwarf Ranger


Good JiMG
Cabal Paen Human  Wizard


Unaligned Bob


Campaign timeline - Updated 7/28/2008

Now in the Realms.  Starting in the Year of the Ageless One (1479 DR)


NPCs - NPCs the group has met


Sessions (Letters represent character entries)


07/01/2008 - A New Group (OrrinKernosh)

07/08/2008 - Evacuation  (Orrin Cabal Sereck)

07/15/2008 - An Old Temple  (Orrin Sereck)

07/22/2008 - Temple Caught (Orrin Sereck)

07/29/2008 - Hints of the Past and Future (Orrin)

08/05/2008 - Goblins and Ogres and Idiot Village Leaders, Oh, My!

08/12/2008 - The Fey, The Undead and The Bannite

08/19/2008 - Longmaple and the Necromic Bomb (Sereck)

08/26/2008 - Leaving Longmaple and the Underground Bane Temple 

09/02/2008 - The Trap of Bane  (Orrin Cabal Sereck)

09/09/2008 - The Road to FR  (Sereck)

09/16/2008 - Into the New Realm (Cabal)

09/24/2008 - Travel to Aberbluff and the Temple of Disease (Duncan)

09/30/2008 - Battles in the Temple of Disease 

10/07/2008 - Battle on the Node (Cabal Duncan)

10/14/2008 - Return of the Purple Flame 


Party XP Sheet 



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