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DNDMC 4E Level 11 Page 2 (the actual game w/pictures)

15 August 09

 Previous Games

{4E Level 1-3 }

{4E Level 5-7 }

{4E Level 8-10}

{4E Level 11 Page 1} - Location of the treasure and the Pre-Story information


The fight maps:


Friday night:

The group begin in Iriabor at 'The Wand and Sword", the owner is Joseph.

It’s both a tavern and an inn, providing comfort to a small community outside a diamond lake.


Daknar, Kellen, and Dobb are sitting at a table, relaxing after just receiving dinner. Seph is laughing and joking around with the group. It’s not very busy in the inn, with the usual regulars there but no merchant bands or any other outsiders that sometimes stop by.


The duck and dragon breath beer are particularly good tonight, but Dobbs likes the Iriabor Beer.


Suddenly, at the door, a tall gentleman enters. He’s wearing a light-weight robe, but it isn’t a religious looking robe as much as a covering robe. It’s dark colored and the group notices that his face is well hidden and when he isn’t moving, he seems to be perfectly stiff without any fidgeting. A glance at his eyes when they are seen are pure white, like moonlight, with hard to see iris’s.


A person appears behind the stranger and immediately starts escorting the person “Yes sir, come this way. Please hurry, Dobbs is waiting for you…”

“Take your hand from me…”

Dobbs, hearing his name, looks up and recognizes Cabal escorting the stranger.

“I don’t know who Dobbs is.” Says the stranger.

“I know, but this is why you are here. Come on, put one foot in front of the other, come along now…” comments Cabal, rushing

“Hello Daknar, how have you been? Just a second, I have to see if the second person has arrived yet. Let me get you some food while we wait,” Continues Cabal, as he turns and walks away.


Brief introductions occur with the stranger, who introduces himself as Salem. Cabal shows up with food and drink for Salem, and then leaves out through the front door.


Jountosh is walking towards the largest building he could see. It looks ot be a tavern. Suddenly, a blue haired man appears and calls out to him, “Ah, there you are, hurry up now Jountosh, I didn’t


As Jountosh enters the building, Cabal makes sparks appear around him and says loudly “I give you Jountosh!!”


He is wearing standard leather assless chaps, and a cloak. No shirt seems present, even in the cool weather. He is of the fae, a Wilden, with orange fur all over his body and a feline looking head with a flat head and large ears, as well as feline looking eyes. One of his ears has ornamentation in it, and he seems to be carrying a crack hammer, a single handed hammer. Additional pouches complete the look.


He is standing perfectly still, looking at the sparklies and at Cabal. Cabal scoffs and says “They won’t hurt you. You need to hurry up if you want your meal hot!”


Jountosh moves quickly to the table and begins eating without talking.


“Well, I was hopeful of another, but this will have to do. I am here as a precursor to a meeting you will have in a few days. I have a feeling that …wait, there is a manor just outside of town. And, “ as he holds his hand up, a crystal ball appears, and an image appears in it “yes, a group of orcs has just arrived to get an artifact of  Grummush to hurt this town. They are just down this road,” he points,” and if you want, you can go and help protect the town by acquiring it before they do. It’s up to you. No wait Jountosh “as Jountosh begins to stand up and leave” you can’t do this alone. You should take everyone, and get the artifact and put it into safe keeping.”


After a brief discussion, the group agrees that although Cabal is probably not saying all that there is to say, he is probably correct, and this needs done.


As the party is about to leave, Cabal walks up and says “Wait, I found Dorak, take him with you too. And did you guys forget to wake up Finn?” And again, Cabal vanishes with a wave of his hand.


Dorak looks to Dobbs, who indicates they know each other, and the party introduces itself yet again, as they wait for Finn to arrive.


Once the party is there, they head west to the farm. Just before arriving, Salem and Finn break off and move silently through the woods. The rest of the party waits a few minutes to allow them to get in position, and then the party moves forward.


As Salem and Finn get closer to the farm, they see and hear four Orcs complaining about being in the field looking for something.


Daknar is in the lead, with Jountosh next to him to keep a look out. The party moves up the road and suddenly they spot a scout.


The group talks about attacking or immobilizing the scout so he won’t signal to any others. It’s decided to have Dobbs make a ghost sound towards the house. The scout hears it, and starts walking towards the house looking for the source of the sound.

The group ends up fighting all the Orcs and taking them out. They had 1 copper for treasure, and their weapons were junk.

After an exhaustive search, the group finds a secret passage underneath the farmers bed.




Entering the tunnels, the group first comes upon five big lizards tha they easily eliminate. One of them jumped behind the group, but Salem summoned him back with a "pull" ability.


Lacking anyone to check for traps, we sent Salem down the hallways. He used a "tap with your foot" method of detection, but managed to avoid all but 3 of the traps.


Further into the room the party encounters six more of the big lizards and a Rage Dragon.


“Who has entered my lair and is hurting my children…” and a brief image of a shadow dragon is seen just before the lights go out.


At first, there is a bottleneck at the entry point, but eventually, the group breaks through and kills the lizards and the Rage Dragon.


“Come to steal my treasure have you…YOU SHALL NOT HAVE IT!!!” sas the young shadow dragon.


Then the shadow dragon turned invisible and attacked Dobbs from behind. But then the dragon was trapped and destroyed.

The treasure was divided as shown above.



The stuff from the emails happens, with the party heading out to help Chet get back to his village once the book is dropped off at a temple in Irriabor.

The group is worried about the power of the book, but agrees there is nothing here to be done, so we decide to head to Irriabor.

“My’lords, can I come with you?” asks Chet. “If that is ok with you master druid?” he says towards Jountosh, who frowns.

Chet looks distressed and says “That’s what Master Dobbs said you liked to be called.”

“Oh…you hurt his widdle forest feelings,” says Teodahr, and Jountosh throws a mug at him hitting him in the tooth with it.



The party agrees to take him with. The party travels the few days to get there without incident. Once in Irriabor, Salem contacts the temple of Selune and they agree to hold the book.


Ironically, the group gets all the way to the temple and walks back out, but nobody shows up showering the group with praise and recognition.


(At this point, Jon laughed and said the book was not important after we had spent and hour trying to figure out what to do with it)  


The group then heads toward Chet’s village and when asked, Chet pulls out a very crude map of the area. He points out the location of the  “Obsidian Ball” this is the inn and a general store and some markets and such in the town. After mentioning the Obsidian ball and the patrols, the group has lost interest in the town. One of the patrols he talks about is nine feet tall people. He also mentions the patrols only come out a few hundred yards from the village.



There is some talk about innocents getting hurt, but Chet mentions the Orcs have not stopped the flow of trade. Peddlers have come though and such, but it’s been a month and the Orcs didn’t’ disrupt trade.



 As we follow Chet, Daknar realizes he is taking the main road. SO if the Orc that got away earlier plans any kind of ambush, this is where he would set it up.


(This is the point where we messed up Jon's ambush plans - it ain't easy being the DM)



Teodahr decides to scout ahead and take us through the woods instead of the main road.  Chet decides he might be better off staying at a local friends instead of coming with.



Teodahr is able to get to the town and scout it out. While there, he can tell the town is not nearly as heavily occupied as he thought it would be. He rushes back to tell the group what he saw, and the total lack of the giant creatures. He can see the tracks and decides that they might have been used for the road ambush. The party decides to take on the ambush squad.



We come in from the north, and easily take out the first group. Then we head south-west, and take out the second group. The third group has dire wolves in it and Orc Beastmasters. These prove more difficult and the sound attracks the ambushers from the road.

In the end, all but one person is killed, and that person is the Orc that set the ambush up.

We kills an Orc Cheiftan, ord Bloodrager, and orc beastmasters along with the other smaller orcs. The Ogres we saw were all minions!



For the villages, Jon got creative. To destroy the obelisk, Finn and Dobbs realize that healing and arcan magic can be used, this allowed Jountosh and Dorak to try healing magic while Finn and Dobbs used arcane to remove symbols from the Obelisk.  Of course, this left an aweful lot of Orcs running around, so the rest of the group had to organize the town and fight the orcs. How was this done? Well, as soon as the group decided to mess with the obelisk, it released a wave of necromantic energy. The townspeople figured out it was from the obelisk, and the fight was on. The fighters had to use Endurance/Intimidate/Diplomacy checks.


Dobbs can tell that the runes on the Obelisk look similar to Netherease, but they had never done anything like this. The more he works on the spell, the more he realizes that there is something life draining like the in this.


It takes 4 attempts on each side of the Obelisk to destroy it, but the party succedes.


The energy builds up and finally dissipates without any ill effects, and the obelisk collapses into rubble.


Andrew walks up, as the leader of the village, and thanks the party.


“I know I shouldn’t ask this of you, but I know two other villages where the Orcs came in and did this same thing: Rathford and Adwich.” Andrew gives directions on how to get to the villages.


“So, they gave in like you?”


“Hey, listen, when my people were getting fined for swearing and the orcs came in saying they would protect us, I went along with it. Listen, we have all been fined, and at the meeting, we decided the orcs were a better group.”


"Thaithlor is the gay mayor of Adwich. And Beerna Silverhewer is the mayor of Rathford. Now these villages are not far apart. You can get to one of them by late afternoon."


The party gets a written declaration from the mayor saying that the party is legit and what they are saying is true.


The party easily gets to the next town Rathford. Teodahr scouts out the town and reports back what he found. Dobbs and Finn go in and sense no arcane power building up, so it’s determined that this one has not been activated yet.






At this point, the party sent in two people to scout out and make connections with the town leader. 

After much debate, Daknar and Kellin are chosen to enter the village. Tabitha Ring of the Split Dungeon . The two are allowed in after taking some grief from the orcs. The two skirt the obelisk but pass it going into the Split Dungeon. Tabitha, the owner of the bar walks up and greets the two. She offers food and drink to the two, and they accept. She continues asking typical questions and Kellin continues answering diplomatic enough.


There are some orcs in the bar, and they are throwing plates and being obnoxious, but she cringes but ignores the actual damage. Kellin politely asks to see Beerna and Tabitha sends out a runner to get her.


“Welcome to our village. What brings you to the town so late in the year?”

“Greetings, we were visiting the elf village of such and such and talked to your uncle and he said he hadn’t seen you in years, so he sent a letter along to pass to you” and hands her the letter from the mayor.


She reads the letter and plays along “why thank you for bringing this to me.”

Kellin does a bluff and manages to get the message across without alerting the orcs. It takes almost an hour to get the whole story through though. She lets on that it has only been a few days that the obelisk has been there.


Daknar keeps his mouth shut the entire time, eating food and drinking cider, enjoying the fireplace.


Kellin does comment that there is another village to check out and that this village should have some time. She comments that they are a small village, so strangers would be noticed. Kellin asks if there is any way to poison the orcs? She says yes, but she doesn’t have enough of the materials. Neither of the two fighters recognize what she is describing but hope that the ranger and Wilden would know. She suggests the two stay the night so they don’t raise suspicion. The two agree and get rooms.


Meanwhile, out in the wilderness….

The wind and cold both increase. The group manages to set up a fairly nice camp that gives them good protection, but it is still outdoors so not completely comfortable.

After a bit, the group sends Teodahr into town to check on the missing fighters, but nothing seems amiss. He can’t get any closer into the town so he comes back with the information. Salem waits until dark and sneaks into the town looking for the fighters.

He easily sneaks past the orcs in town and gets to the inn. He sees nothing interesting on the first floor, but at the second floor he sees Daknar who lets him in the room and offers him cider and snacks. Daknar goes and gets Kellin who better explains the plants and also brings food to take back to the party.

As Salem begins to leave, he gets down from the inn. When he lands at the ground floor, he steps on a branch under the snow.

Several orcs say “wait, over there, what was that” as they move in his direction. He activates his teleport power and although it takes 15 minutes, he is soon leaving the town headed back to the camp.

Once there, he talks to the group and Teodahr and Jountosh both go looking for the plant described by Kellin.


Teodahr sneaks back into town and delivers the plants to Kellin. When it comes to dawn, Tabitha comes out and asks “Are you leaving then?” Yes, we are, but here are your berries. “Oh, thank you. I can’t get this into the breakfast meal, but I can get it into the lunch meal.”


By mid afternoon, after lunch, all the orcs are sick and passing out. The party moves in and quickly begin killing the incapacitated orcs.  Once they are all taken care of, the party has the villagers move out of the danger zone as they begin trying to take down the obelisk.


Dobbs and Finn realize they have to activate the obelisk to disable it. Instead, he is going to work on a ritual to trace out the pathways without activating it.


Teodahr scouts out the next town, comes back with the information. Then Kellin and Daknar go in and meet with mayor. It turns out the mayor already had an inkling that what we are saying is true. Kellin suggests knocking them out like at the last town, and the mayor says it can be ready for the evening meal. The sending comes in and the group informs them of the mayors plan. By evening, the orcs are no more as this town is also cleared out.

When asked about where the orcs are from, they are told “well we are not guarded so much because of fort morninglord. I don’t know if this was before or after the spell plague, and they went crazy and killed each other...whatever, it’s avoided by travelers in general. But, some of the villagers who live in that area said they thought they saw orcs headed into that direction.


The group decides this is a good lead and the next morning the party heads out for the Fort MorningLord.


Suddenly, there is a wavering of magic as seven hill giants

“Your are going to be destroyed, so lets get to it” says a person standing behind the hill giants. The group identifies him as a stone giant rune caster.


It is a long battle, but they are all defeated.






The group takes time to rest and get healed back up and their encounter powers before moving along to the fort.


The party travels for another 45 minutes. The weather isn’t cooperating as it is cold and snowy.


Teodahr scouts ahead. While there, he runs into an old friend, someone with blue hair. He comes back to the group and lets the party know about his encounter. He says that Cabal has said that we have done enough, that we should take care of the two obelisks, and not even mess with the Fort. He also said we have not gotten all the chieftains; one of them would be here at the fort. He kind of said that we shouldn’t go to the fort, that he was guiding us away from it.


There is much discussion about what to do. Even as we talk, Dobbs can start feeling power building up. The more he looks at it; he can tell the power is coming from the keep. He also thinks this may be on a lay line, that the power comes from this place and can easily be sent to the obelisks.


At this new information, the group turns around and heads towards the Fort.


The group arrives; they are standing on some stairs heading into the fort. There are two large braziers on both sides and a large glyph of warding on the floor at the entrance.


Dobbs walks around and looks at the glyph, and as he understands it, he is able to attempt dispelling it. He can tell the power in the glyph is stronger than all the power from the obelisks. With Finn’s help, he is able to adjust the glyph to neutralize it. Suddenly, he stumbles and crosses out the wrong couple of lines. The glyph begins to glow as energy is building up, so strong that everyone can sense the necrotic energy.

Before anyone can do anything, Dobbs is suddenly able to dispel it, and the energy disappears. A deep sigh of relief is echoed by group.


Salem walks up to the door and opens it. He successfully enabled the trap and magical energy explodes in front of Salem but he dodges it. The doors open.


In the center of the room is a statue and about 6 orcs in that room, and other orcs seen farther into the building.





Salem runs and jumps across the pit. As he rushes the orcs, they begin laughing thinking he is going to fall in the opening, and then he teleports into the middle of orcs.

He then uses his main attack against the orc in front of him (SOC) doing 43 points damage. He then uses and action point allowing him to phase 3 squares, and found the Orc Over Chieftain (S) of all the orcs. He does 16 points damage to the Chieftan.


The chieftain turns and looks down the hallway. A ring he is wearing flares, and farie-fire spell envelops Salem. The Chieftains axe bears down and smacks into Salem for 15 points damage.

OC moves up behind Salem and attacks while flanking, but misses.

SOC walks up, he has a lightning nimbus shimmering around him as he swings his axe, but misses.



Uzaek (U) comes around the corner and attacks, but he too misses as Salem is dodging like a madman suddenly realizing he is cornered.


We will kill him and show our new allies we are worthy...” says the chieftain.


Salem attacks with “temple of Shadow” against (S), hits and does 16 damage and creates a zone of swirling shadows allowing Salem to be concealed.


Dobbs calls out “I’m going to put a lighting cage up”

Jountosh says “Isn’t that going to hit us?”

“No,” he calls back, “Just Daknar.”


The cage envelops six of the orcs, five are minion that die instantly from the cage.

Daknar is able to avoid the the damage. The cursed minion that died allow Finn to teleport over close to Salem.


(S) starts moving down the stairs  and begins yelling something out in goblin “Very well, you wanted me to admit it, I admit it – I want to see no more die.”


Very Well….”Comes the low voiced reply from below, “I told you that you would need my help….




*** The Battle Described ***

Ok, so Salem jumped over the pit and teleported past the orcs in the doorway only to find himself cut off and surrounded. He did a good job of dodging and hitting, but was all alone out of site. The rest of us made jumps, but until an opening presented itself, he was all alone. Add to that the cleric falling in the pit and being out for 2 rounds trying to get out, and things were getting serious. But, a couple of well placed AOE attackes took out what were minions, and things started to pick up again.  So just as things were looking up for the party, that is when the undead beholder came up from downstairs.


The last few bosses and the beholder were very tough. Just due to their ammount of hit points. One of the more entertaining aspects where when Salem, who had gotten healed by the warlords and was still the center of attention, started getting hit with fear rays and would run away...run all the way back...get feared and run away again. Very funny. The cleric performed a Mass heal that changed the feel of the battle as everyone suddenly was healthy and we realized we could take them. Then, it just took time.


Once all the enemies were destroyed, we proceeeded to the final floor. Here, the DM had a battle ready, but we were all worn out, so he just had us walk to the end and avoide all the traps and monsters.



After a long rest, the group heads down into the next level.


We look down the hallway and see a man with blue hair waiting at the end of the hall. He is smiling.

“Hi everyone, I save the treasure for you. It’s all yours. We delayed you long enough that the fey finished what they wanted to do. I can’t tell you what it was, but that’s life! Well, I’m sure I’ll see you later!” as he winks at us and quietly fades away.


We go through the look, divide the treasure as seen on page one, and that ends the session.




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