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Character Race Class Player
Finn Tiefling Warlock Ben
Cabal Human Wizard Bob
Kernosh Dragonborn Warlord Brook
Kellin Zertabo Human Warlord Chris
Dobbs Dwarf Wizard Don
Valace Dwarf Rogue Greg
Skeld Dwarf Battle Cleric Jim
Mattlin Halfing Rogue Q
Duncan Human Fighter Steve
Daknar Human Fighter Tony


Previous Games

{ 4E Level 1-3 }

{ 4E Level 5-7 }

{ 4E Level 8-10 }

{ 4E Level 11 }

{ 4E Level 13 }



This is a group of friends from my hometown. We have managed to get together regularly, once every three months, to play. I don't know what we will do as we switch from tier to tier but I hope to figure that out. Soon.


Their characters are listed below in a table. I am having a hard time with it for some reason. It won't stay at the top of the page and there is this gap for some reason. I don't know why.


*Fixed. It was the 'align="left"' parameter in the table tag. Removed that and it worked normally. - Bob


The Story


It was insulted.  And even thought what insulted it was mortal and it was immortal and for more powerful, it was not happy.  The summoning circle held it but it tested the limits and delayed, even though it meant the mortal insulted it more and more.  Finally, it found a way out of the circle but only if the mortal could be tricked.  So, it flattered.  It teased.  It tempted.  And eventually, it found a weakness the mortal could not resist.  It freed itself of the circle and captured the mortal in magic it couldn't hope to understand much less free itself from it.  


And then it realized that it had acted too quickly.  It had been over too fast.  It was done and over with this mortal but there were many other play things on this world that would amuse it.  




(more to come)


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