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DNDMC - Mason City Group Campaign


4E Session

28 June 2008

{4E Level 1-3 }

{4E Level 5-7 }

{4E Level 8-10}

{4E Level 11 Page 2}

{4E Level 15}


Daknar  Human Fighter Tony
Skeld Dwarf Cleric Jim
Dobbs Dwarf Wizard Don
Finn Teifling Warlock Ben
Kreger Eladrin Ranger Alex
Mattlin Halfling Rogue Q (Quentin)


 The area is divided in 2 by a large river, with the Empire controlling one side and the Monarchy controlling the other. Various ruins from abandoned and destroyed cities dot the landscape.



{Car Adventure}
Day 1
Daknar is traveling to Huntpine when he encounters Skeld in the woods being chased by a Bane warrior and 2 archers, he assists. Then some wolves attack, followed by a wizard and some minion. All are defeated. (40 gp each)
Day 2
In Huntpine Daknar asks for assistance in locating some stolen artifacts that are believed to have been taken by kobolds. He is wanting to hire an escort to the various ruins where the items may be hidden. He offers to pay them for their assistance, and they agree. He gives them 15 gold to begin with. Along the way the party encounters Kreger who joins the band.
The party comes upon kobold tracks and locates 3 groups who attack: 4 kobold slingers and 7 minion 5gp each
The group follows the tracks back to their lair, take out a priest, 5 minion and 2 warriors (85 gp each)
Daknar receives a +1 longsword. Some eladrin chain +1 and dwarf plate +1 are also found.
Day 3
Search the ruins looking for a dagger. 2 Gricks attack from a house. Eventually the dagger is found but another Grick shows up and attacks. Group rests and gets paid another 15 gold each from Daknar if they will continue to escort him to New Springs
A small goblin raid attacks (3gp each). The group continues to the Ruins of Kenty where a goblin group is located. Mattlin gets a +1 vicious dagger (33gp each)
More goblin tracks are found and tracked heading towards Fort Kingmount. Killed a hobgoblin and found a bag with the wrong items in it. Did find an amulet of protection to Bane (5gp each). Eventually reach Fort Kingmount Ruins and rest.
Day 4
Search castle, find a secret entry into the dungeon. Jump over a pit, a symbol of undead – spears hit the rogue. Open a room full of suspended weights and zombies…very bad.
Find a chest with 2 healing potions and 100 gold and all the missing items.
The party decides to activate the symbol on purpose, kill 6 undead zombies, 1 weight, 1 umber hulk. As the party is leaving, hobgoblins attack with the head being a cleric of Bain.
As we enter a room, the Bane medallion summons a wraith (100 gold each)
Find a Flail of Tyranny and give it to Daknar who gives up the +1 sword
Travel for 3 days and arrive at Aberash and stay at the Flying Nymph Twin Inn.
The party then breaks up with plans to meet again some day.

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