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d20 Games

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 11 years, 10 months ago

d20 Games


5/19/2009 - I hope to add to this and have more to say.  In general, after playing WoD for a while, as well as some other non hit point and class games, I am looking to see how well I like, or not, hit points.  It will be modified and house ruled, to be sure, but it's still an idea and I am quite excited about it for several reasons.  


I am positive we will be using some house rules, such as different Action Points than d20 Modern, probably Spycraft's.  Further, I do want a more 4E flavor, if possible, more so that the fun is spread out over more levels.  But, at the moment, we are starting out at 4th level and will see how that works.  


5/23/2009 - More thoughts.  Lots of ideas to use here.  Spycraft is a good game but I don't know how cinematic it is.  To me, that means moving and attacking options.  Yes, at times the characters should stay under cover and not fire back much, although that should probably be rare.  They should also be able to cover for someone else who moves into a better position.  It should flow and be fun.  That's what I mean by cinematic. 


6/11/2009 - I am using the Action Dice from Spycraft.   I like it better than the action points of d20 Modern.  Further, it's a lot easier to remember since it goes by session instead of level.  


I don't know what to do about wealth.  I am not even using the d20 Modern system, which is abstract.  I have tried to completely shut money into the background so that it's easier, from a dramatic standpoint, to have them getting by rather than ending up rich, as happens in most of my campaigns.  What I am finding, though, is that it's tough to make an offer to the party that's tempting based on an abstraction.  Saying they will get double or triple pay doesn't mean much when it means double of nothing.  I don't want to give something to take it back but I don't want the characters to become rich.  I want money to be an issue.  Not sure how to handle it at this point.  




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