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FR - PF1 - Isle of Bargains

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Isle of Bargains


October 12, 2020


We start with the fight with the vampires.  In the end, it's a numbers game.  The bad guys hit hard if they hit but the group could heal and tag team the vampires.  When one turned to gas and started drifting toward the tower, they knew they had to do something.  


When Volhoric took down a vamp, before it got far he threw holy water on it and it caused the gas to go up in blue flames, killing the vampire.  


Shyrrik used his sword of the planes and it cut through the connection the vampire had, killing it.  


Drewgan put up a windwall and when the gaseous vampire entered it, it blew it apart as it wasn't able to hold itself together.  

They get into the tower, after Volhoric bypasses the trap on the door, to find a huge crystal thing.  It has magic in it and in the end, with it's fine workings, breaking it destroys things just as well as finesse.  They move back a distance and Shyrrik hits the big crystal just right, causing it to shatter.  Unlike the other tower they saw, with the doors open, this one isn't near as explosive and damages the building but doesn't collapse it.  

Knowing they can't go into the interior without dealing with another tower, they travel to the next one.  There, they find a lot of crocodiles.  And the sharks are visible out in the water. 


However, this one is guarded by a creature of chaos, who turns out is ready to talk instead of fight.  At first, he wants the items from the vampires, so he can break the sigil that brought him here.  Looking at the items, they are more powerful than the group first thought, so they decline.  They do say they will try and get rid of the sigil.  Shyrrik walks up to it and for some reason, has an understanding of the sigil.  He knows the portal it created and what keeps the creature here.  He takes out the sword of the planes and cuts the sigil across it in two lines that go across each other.  The sigil powers down.  The creature can feel it can go back so send the crocs and sharks on their way and then leaves.  


Entering this tower, Volhoric wants to try to finesse it.  This is about as complex but Volhoric wants to try.  He's able to see that the big gem is connected via a fine filigree of copper wire to smaller gems.  After looking at it for a while, he sees a pattern and slowly works his way around it, removing the smaller crystals from the bigger ones, until the power drains away.  They aren't sure what it was, other than some form of raw magic inside.  

From there, they head to the center of the island and the building there.  It is made of the same gray shale material that the towers used and has a second floor, which doesn't cover all of the first floor.  There is another trapped door and Volhoric again manages to remove the trap on it but this one was a bit closer.  There is a long empty corridor and the group spots the trip wire and disarms that.  Then they get to the first room.  


Crates and crates of a weapons, made from some brown metal.  Dakxer sees it and nearly gets sick.  Soul steel.  Each weapon was made with the soul of a creature.  The weapons will cause damage that won't heal fast, maybe not at all, and every kill they get, will devour the soul of the one who died.  And there are over a dozen crates with ten weapons in each of them.  


Raz, antsy as always, and hearing noise of a smithy in the next room, gets Volhoric to make sure the door is fine and then they check it out.  They can see anvils and workbenches.  A blue hand is working the soul steel.  Rushing in, they see demons working the forges.  But demons in chains.  The demons say they work and the one that tasked them to this is down.  Could be up if summoning more but down.  The group, seeing them bound in chains, leaves them after seeing a room filled with another hundred soul steel weapons.  


They go check the upper level to find a summoning room but it is empty.  


Heading to the spiral stairs down, they descend over a hundred feet into the ground before it opens up.  A voice challenges them, more demons!  They rush to meet them.  


And we end.


8700 xp


GM Notes

  • Still had some tech issues and just have to accept it and work with it.  
    • I did find that my campaign in d20Pro was corrupt, so am working to recreate it.  That might help with some things. 
    • I also realized there is a way to do temp hit points, several ways, and need to see if I can create that for some items.   
  • As I said to the guys, I like having options and not needing to fight.  As they had superiority over the vampires, the chaos creature had a lot of crocs!  Maybe not enough but it would have been interesting.  They were able to deal with it.   




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