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FR - PF1 - Bar Fight

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Bar Fight


August 24, 2020


We start with the slap.  Shyrrik gets teased about his response and he smirks but then looks down, turning and walk to leave.  At the door, though, he says, "this rounds on me!"  Then shoots a keg with a special arrow, spilling the beer all over the floor by the bar.  


Then the fight starts.  Meredith and Gem attack and hit hard but Raz and Shyrrik do so as well.  Relyc heals the women while Dakxer heals the group.  Had Gem and Meredith both gone and attacked Raz before the group could have responded, it might have been different.  But for the first ten heartbeats of the fight, it's almost a stand off and attacks and healing.  Then Marcus feebleminds Tanya and she is out for a round.  Relyk calls for Anya but when she does appear, it's obvious she wasn't ready.  Anya's Eidolon helps but not before Gem is cut down.  Meredith asks if they will be allowed to save their friends, if they stay out of the fight.  

She's rebuffed.  She's told that they had a chance and to save them now, submit and answer all questions.  This pisses her off and she attacks in a flurry nearly cutting down Raz.  Nearly isn't good enough.  Someone Tanya overcomes the Feeblemind spell and turns two patrons into some undead creatures.  Marcus casts again but senses as he throws another at Tanya that she is now immune and redirects it at Anya, succeeding.  That was a big blow.  Anya was going to summon several more creatures to send into the fight but instead the few she had ready in the back leave.  Only her longtime companion, Longtooth, a Dire Tiger protector and her Eidolon are still around.  


Drewgan cuts the battleground in half with a wall of thorns, stopping most from moving.  Longtooth does move but gets cut up for the trouble.  The new undead go after Drewgan and manage to claw him but he scurries out of the way in his rat form.  At this point, Shyrrik lets fly with arrows that kills Meredith and severely wounds the undead.  More arrows bring the undead down.  Volhoric finishes off the other undead and the Eidolon.  Tanya is also cut down.  And the fight is over.  


They search the women and find a lot of treasure before Tessa arrives with some guards.  As the women died, they reverted to tieflings, elves with leathery wings.  Nodding at their good instincts, Tessa thanks them for their service.  When they inquire about the bar, Tessa says it can be part of spoils and says she will handle it.  


The group spends the evening eating and drinking, divvying up the loot they gained, although most of it they find worthless.  Then they get back to the matter of the scouts.  


The next morning, they head out to the Evermoors, with a description of Lars and Ries.  After many hours of wondering, they find some tracks that could be scouts and follow.  This takes them to a campfire where a centaur waits for them.  He is cooking food and offers that and drink to them.  He introduces himself as Kopkis and tells them of the scouts.  They have been capture by a troll named Raposo, who is trying to win back the moors from the giants.  He thinks the scouts are under Raposo's control and if they want to save them, will need spells to break enchantments.  He's hoping to use this to gain favor with Drewgan, to get back into the court of Count Sheragur.  Alas, Drewgan doesn't think he will be able to help him but Kopkis shrugs and says helping them defeat the trolls is payment enough.  


3150 xp


GM Notes

  • I often wonder how much initiative plays into these fights.
    • If more bad guys had gone first, to allow for summoning and undead creation, would that have made it more tough?  Too tough?
    • Summoner waited too long to get into fight?   
    • Or can they just do too much damage? 
  • I really didn't do well on Kopkis' accent.
    • I was going for elongated words and sounds but it just made me cough.
    • "the pit of despair"  hack hack cough
  • I did forget several abilities of the women that might have changed things but this still worked. 
    • I think the first couple of rounds were chaotic enough that it wasn't obvious who would win.   
    • After two of them went down, the group was a bit more sure they would win, even as a few final surprises happened.
  • Need to get some things into Hero Lab.
  • Still had issues with d20Pro. 
    • Best I can figure is that it's best not to allocate more than 4G or 6G into it.
    • No easy way to test but my local player instance was seeing the same issues, so can't be network at that point?


Below are screenshots of the new Brothel we now own. 1st floor and 2nd floor.




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