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FR - PF1 - Interlude to Spring

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Interlude to Spring



After getting back from the giant fortress, Winter comes down.  It's not a harsh winter but it is a northern winter so the town shuts down as is normal.  


Seth Tantlor tells the group that he commissioned a teleport circle to Silverymoon.  However, the only way Tess and Alyona would accept it would be if people couldn't be transported.  They don't want an easy way to get into town.  Seth agrees and has it installed.  While he is hoping that the group will want expensive items from there, many are interested.  Max Blueaxe can now send his wares much easier to Silverymoon.  Others can get things from Silverymoon on an exclusive basis.  Many are excited and he sees a lot more use than he thought of when he first had it installed.  


Game Terms - What this does is that instead of taking at least a month to get something, it can be requested and if found, can be sent back in days, a tenday at the most.  


For their help in stopping the giants, Tess arranges for them to live rent free in a boarding house.  They get a floor to themselves.  It allows them to set up a semi permanent area.  This allows Dakxer to recharge and create wands, Marcus to study magical items, Shyrrik to make more arrows, and gives sparring areas for all of them.  


We talked about this at the beginning of the session.  Some items were out of their price range but they did buy some items from Seth.  



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