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FR - PF1 - Experiments

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June 8, 2020


The group goes after the ogre who was killing people.  Later, they may agree with him.  The room contained cages with lots of people, moaning and groaning in pain and misery.  Dakxer is hit hard, wanting to heal but knowing they don't have the time right now.  Going back to the other room, the half ogres are tending to their brothers and sisters.  Raz might have spared them but they spoke about the weak ones who couldn't handle the greatness and got what they deserved.  After they deal with them, they go deal with the orogs.  Raz doesn't think his blow to one of them was faster than the arrows and daggers that flew toward the orog line.  Seeing orogs recovering in here and nothing else, they leave.  

They look at the recovery room but again, can't do much.  Going to the stairs down, they smell something like a savory sauce with heat to it.  Raz also smells the giants and people who have passed through here.  They head down.  


There is another room of destroyed or defaced dwarven history.  Statues and bas-reliefs have been shattered and thrown into rubble piles.  Moving forward, they find a line of hill giants waiting for them!  

It looked like it might be a tough fight.  Raz charged forward, because of course he did, and an ogre mage managed to put a sleet storm across the entryway, cutting off Raz from the group.  Four hill giants and two frost giants were looking to move forward and attack.  However, the snow is split by ash from Drewgan, getting rid of it a few heartbeats later.  The group rushes forward into the giants!  Confusion again hits several giants, who begin hitting each other in earnest, some sort of unresolved debate between them.  Arrows fly and cause massive damage, allowing the water horse to come forward and chomp.  

Volhoric is having a bad time of it.  HIs throws are off.  Only a heartbeat or two but enough that instead of hitting the vital area, they bounce off the thick hide or don't strike as solidly.  He curses a lot but steadies himself and keeps going.  


When they are done, they barely register more statues defiled and turned into something else when Raz finds the dragon.  The dragon might have stood a chance if it didn't have orders.  As it were, even with a bit of healing, the dragon is soon cut down by axe and arrow!  Maybe a few hippo nips.  Then the giants get a few good hits in but also go down.  

The final room is where the transformation they have seen happened.  The group can't tell where was being contacted but the floor had summoning circles and the altars were primed with transformation magic.  Dakxer becomes physically ill in the room and has to leave.  He tells the group he can cleanse it but it will take time.  They search the giants, and curse them more for not having much beyond their weapons and the unholy symbols.  


They get back to the holding level and Dakxer does manage to heal one of the women.  However, he can see the moment the madness overtakes her, and she starts slamming her head against the bars, until Marcus is able to put her asleep.  They just stare at all of the people.  That's when Dakxer notices Volhoric and Raz coming back, wiping off their blades.  He nods, knowing they did what needed to be done in the other rooms.  He nods at them and the people in the cages in the room.  Then says, "I need some air.  We will leave a way for you to come out."  Dakxer then heads up to the surface while Volhoric and Raz do the tough thing.  


Daxker offers the others ale and pours himself one.  He finishes it off, finding a spot to sit on the ground before pouring his second and taking it slower.  A quarter hour later, Raz and Volhoric join them.  


5000 xp



GM Notes

  • I had said I wanted to slow down on xp progression but I do think this was earned last night with the fights.  
  • Enchantment school of spells is proving highly effective! 
    • If not dazing spells, then confusion that causes the enemies to attack and nearly kill each other. 
  • The druid wild shape to hippo also quite successful
    • "Maybe the fire can be put out by hippo urine."
    • Hungry Hippo 
  • We started with some technical difficulties with d20Pro.  Hopefully got those sorted out
    • Some players might argue that there were still issues as the rolls were awful.
  • Good role playing at realizing there were some tough choices to be made.
    • The people who didn't make it through the procedure could be physically healed but mentally wouldn't be stable.
    • And it was a tough choice.  The right choice but a tough choice.   
  • This is why dragons need minions.  I'm sure if the frost giants had been out in the room, it would have taken longer or been more worrying.  As it was, the dragon didn't seem too tough. 
    • Solution?  More dragons!
  • I don't like the six second rounds.  I don't know why. 
    • So I got it in my head that each person's turn is six seconds, more so than exactly simultaneous with each other.  Or maybe there is overlap. 
    • I know that's not real but for fantasy, I think you need longer to do some of the things characters can do.  
    • I think part of it is because they can react to those who go before them.  If the sleet storm had lasted a full round before Drewgan could dispel it, the battle would have been quite different, with Raz by himself for that long.  Or people slowly emerging from the sleet storm.  
    • For modern, using guns, I can see this. 
    • Therefore, instead of trying to tinker with the system, which I'm mostly happy about, I'm modifying in my mind how I see it working, so I'm happier with it.   
  • Environmental effects.   I did forget a few and will have to remember them.  
  • I like the idea of some spell being used without taking up slots for obvious role playing opportunities.
    • For example, Dakxer and Marcus being able to heal and put the victims to sleep, rather than worry about spells slots or the like. 
  • I was annoyed by the technical issues but it did allow us to talk and catch up a bit instead of only gaming.  I need to remember to do that from time to time!   




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