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FR - PF1 - Nesme - Treasure and XP (redirected from Treasure and XP)

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Gold Scale     1 pp = 5 gp = 100 sp = 1000 cp      (20 silver = 1 gold)



5 Owlbears/Cave                   Harvested Owlbear carcass

25gp, 15 silver   bag               Thing to harvest: feathers & liver can be used for medicinal ingredients.

40gp, 25 silver   bag               1500 pounds of meat given to Norma Evadotr for 3 rooms & food (2 people per room) at Sundered Shield Tavern.  


If we divide out the money evenly: 10gp & 6 silver each

(and leaves 5 gp & 4 sp for the next party split) This way, we don't waste time trying to make change.


Each Player XP: 1200

Player XP bonus:    Raz: 350, 350     Marcus: 350     Valhoric: 350     Drugen: 350     Shyrrik: 350




Farm field:     10 Giant Ant Lions (or 8 of one kind and 2 of another, they were all bugs)

Into the Ant Mound: 2 phase spiders, 2 spider swarms, 1 hard to find magical caster


Pouches from Ant mound:  26 gp (divided next week)


Each Player XP: 2700

Player XP bonus:       Ben: 700,700,700           Greg: 700             Tony: 350,700     Jim: 350




Arach, Arach Spellbinder, Nightmare Ettercap

6 short swords, magical wands, magical potions, magical bracers


HellWidow, Giant Black Widow, The Mutterer, @ 4 spiders


Deathweb (undead giant spider), Cutlass Spider (spider with swords and armor)

Magical longsword, Magical shorts-word.  (All swords masterwork, Dakx grabbed 4 to not load others down)


Pyotr (caster), Ogre Spider, Wolf-Spider, 4-Ettercap, Alonso


Stripped bodies, dissipate energy from portal magic for Malar.

Grabs all the stuff, gather poisons from spiders & other creatures (all items to be sent in other email).


Back at farmland, at Martins farmhouse:   5000sp pre & 5000 sp Finish + 2 cure light wounds potions for each of us


There were 2 sp pieces carried over from last treasure, so at 10002 silver pieces, everyone gets 1667 silver with 2 sp left over.

There were 5 gp carried over, added to the 26 pg from pouch, everyone gets 5 gold with 1 gp left over.


Session XP: 3600 XP

Player XP bonus: Greg:700    Tony:(xxx)   Q:700, 700,700     John:700


3 doses giant spider venom          2 doses Hellwidow venom     2 doses Ogre Spider venom     2 doses Phase Spider venom   


Identified Treasure Items

10 potions

     2 potions of pull strength {Drewgan} & {Raz}

     2 potions of cat’s grace {Shyrrik}

     6 potions of cure moderate wounds (2d8+6) {one to everyone}


5 wands

  1. {Marcus}     Wand of Scorching Ray – 23 charges 
  2. {Shyrrik}     Wand of Cure light wounds – 50 charges (d8+3) 
  3. {Drewgan}  Wand of Fairy Fire – 30 Charges (Fire symbolism) Divine
  4. {Dakx}         Wand of Lesser Restoration – 22 charges 
  5. {Dakx}         Wand (fire motif) – fire whip, fire sword, +d8 damage, 35 charges 


{????}              Magical dagger, Magical script & Inscriptions, magical designs – Not Identified


{Shyrrik}        +2 Magical long sword   Not Fully Identified

{Volhoric}      +1 magical short sword (Open eye on pommel & cross guards, when it closes, it casts regular invisibility & silence, no idea how long it lasts, maybe a minute or 2 )

{Drewgan}     +2 Dagger of Venom (empty) up to 3 doses of whatever, has injection trigger  


{Raz}               Cloak of Protection +1 (+1 to all saves and +1 to AC)


{Marcus}         Bracers of armor +3 (Leather Set with Iron inlaid, shields, nicely made)

{Raz}               Bracers of armoring +2 (20 temporary HP that you lose first, and regen at 1 per hour) Chainmail on leather, Silver links, w/ shield of gold          




Sold items from previous day, see above.


12 Several master-work blade weapons.   80gp=12gp each

Leather Set, Plain, with shields, faded colors,  Bracers of armor +1 & spider venom (1200 silver both dagger & spider venom=200sp each)


Back at inn, rancher Aaron Pride at Pride ranch, with bag of gold & rings - soldiers and 12 cattle missing, can you find the cause?

140gp=23gp each (2 left over). 


{Dakx}          Ring of Earth Glide:  wearer move through earth, & come back out (not breath, just move) Gold band with Onyx.  

{Volhoric}     Ring of resist poison. Resist the first 15 points of poison round, every individual strike. +2 to save vs poison (Silver ring with Emerald in it. ) 


3 Cure serious potions handed out at Pride Ranch before we left:{Volhoric}{Shyrrik}{Raz}


3 Wyvern & 1 Giant, 2 Ettin’s Battle

Wyvern stingers & poison. Ettin’s had coins from Silverymoon.

Ettin Pouches:    7gp, 15sp, 21gp, 8sp.      35gp, 10sp, 3gp, 15cp.

Hill Giant Bag:     Human Backpack, in it wand or rod from a femur bone, Leather Bound iron held book w/lock – looks very old, Silverymoon 500gp, 500sp


Total Session Money Each 

Total Gold each: 12+23+95 = 130 gp

Total Silver each: 200 + 89 = 289 sp

Total Copper Each: 2 cp


Carried over party: 7gp, 5sp, 3cp


Session XP:   3750XP

Player XP bonus:            Ben:700     Greg:700,700     Jim:700,700        Q:700,700




4 Giants in a field & a Cloud Giant, throwing rocks at a Dryad’s tree: take them out.


Hill giants, minted in Silverymoon coins, 50gp & 200sp each &4 small red gems *4 = 200gp, 800sp, 16 gems

Cloud Giant, 750gp, 8000sp, 10gems (small blue)


I think we should try and sell the gems all at once, not divide them up. What are other peoples opinions?

16 Red gems, 200 sp each

10 Blue gems, 1500 sp each


Total gold each: 34+125=159 gp

Total Silver Each: 133+250=383 sp

Carried over party: 3gp, 9sp, 3cp


“Wait for Auril’s Touch, we want Auril’s Touch” (The Goddess of Winter, but nobody knows that)

Doors are hard


Session XP:   4800 XP

Player XP bonus:  Ben:800,800   Greg:                     Tony:800,800     Jim:        Q:           John: 800,800




Tessa Zianovan: Dark haired Illuskan woman, 6’ tall, Symbol of Nesme’ on tabard & longsword


6 Potion belts: belt free action, 4-potions, all filled. Serious wounds potions. Black/brown/Red

Boots of striding and springing – 2 pairs. Leather, 2nd is reptile skin. Marcus & Dakx

There are 3 Runes, if added to a weapon, they cause fire damage: One saved for future use, One Rune to Raz, one to Volhoric

And coin: 6 pouches, each has 250gp in (so everyone gets 250gp)

Platinum Broaches – symbols of the city, identify working for the city. Room & board, etc.


Boots of the Cat(From Dakx): to Shyrrik


Session XP:    2200XP

Player XP bonus:  Ben:800(Jm), Greg: 800(B),800(Jn), Tony:800(Q) Jim:   Q:800(T)  John: 800(G)


7- 6/1/2020


Total Treasure:

3 Ogre’s - 50gold & 3 red gems                  = 150gp & 9 red gems

6 Ettin’s – 5 blue gems each                        = 30 blue gems

Hill giant – 100 gp, 5 blue gems                  = 100gp & 5 blue gems

Ogre Mage – 3 potions, 4 green gems        = 4 green gems


Each Player: 42gp          Gems need identified or we just each take 8 : 35 blue, 9 red, 4 green=48 gems.


Session XP:     2350XP

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 800(JH),400(T)                         Greg:                                     Tony:400(B)                       

Jim: 800(G),800(Q)                         Q:400(T)                               John: 800(JG),400(B)


8- 6/8/2020

No treasure this session


Session XP:   5000XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:400(T),800(JG)        Greg: 400(T)         Tony: 800(G)       Jim:800(B)         Q: 800(JH)           John: 800(Q)               



9 - 6/15/2020

sold 10 red gems for 300gp, = 50gp each


we handed out the gems

15 red = 2 red gems each (30gp each)                      {3 in party fund}

45 Blue gems, = 7 blue each (150gp each)                {3 in party fund}

4 green gems (300gp each)                                       {4 in party fund}


Identified Magical Items

{Shyrrik} +2 Sword of the planes, Effective against outer planer, it’s like a priest weapon & other damage as well. (Note: makers mark is not maximum enchanted, 1st attempt to make a weapon.)

{Volhoric} +1 Rogue Dagger: sneak attack damage adds 2 dice (Note: commissioned by Jacob, a rogue guild master, they help with strikes.)



Session XP:    1500XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 900(JG) 900(JH) 450(T)         Greg:                     Tony: 900(Q)    Jim: 900(B)             Q:                    John: 450(T)                 

10 - 


11 - 6/29/2020

3 Adamantine ingots 



5 Granite Runes used to Enhance weapons

1. Striking +2, damage is tripled if put on a weapon (Move 1 striking over to Raz’s weapon)

2. Striking +2, damage is tripled if put on a weapon (Move 1 striking over to Drewgan gloves)

3. Striking +2, damage is tripled if put on a weapon (Shyrrik Bow)

4. Enchanting +4 (Raz’s weapon)

5. Enchanting +5 (Volhoric)


Chest #1, three items

1. Gauntlets of Dwarven Strength (Holy to Moradin) Dax +8 STR for a dwarf

2. Dwarven Hammer (Holy to Moradin) Dax +5 (lightning # times 1+charisma, line of lighting 15d6 damage)

3. Girdle of Dwarven Strength (Holy to Moradin) BEN +12 for a dwarf


Chest #2 coins

7500 silver = 1250 silver each

6800 gold = 1133 gold each


Note: party fund is up to 3 gold pieces


Items from spell caster:

Ring of Protection +1 (Volhoric)

Potion of Invisibility (Dax)

Potion of Protection from Fire (Raz)

Wand of Ice Storm (10 charges) (Drewgan)

Wand of Lightning Bolt (10 charges) (Marcus)

Wand of Solid Fog (5 charges) (nobody claimed, in Dax bag)


Session XP:    4750 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:900(T)          Greg:        Tony:            Jim: 900(B)           Q:900(JH)900(JG)            John:900(Q)        



12 - 07/06/2020

No Treasure this night.


Session XP:     2500XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:                       Greg:        Tony:450(B)     Jim:450(JH)         Q:450(B), 450(JH)            John: 900(T),900(Q)  



skipped this session


13 - 07/20/2020

No Treasure this night.


Session XP:   1700 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:                       Greg:900(JG),900(T),900(B),900(JH)         Tony:900(G)        Jim:           Q:     John:              



14 - 07/27/2020

No Treasure this night. 

Session XP:         1000XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:1000(G),1000(JH)    Greg:                     Tony:1000(JG)   John: 1000(T)   Jim:1000(B)                        Q:



15 - 08/03/2020 Sewer fight

9 Platinum pieces with rune carved in them ((Zura symbol – demon lord of Vampires, cannibalism and blood) Tokens to open secret door

4 Cultist items: Ritual daggers,  some necklaces and misc. items. Spell components. 3 cure serious each = 12 total (3d8+5).


Session XP:         2700XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:                       Greg: 1000(B) 1000(Q)                   Tony:1000(JH)                   John:1000(G)                     Jim:         Q:1000(T)



16 - 08/24/2020 Battle at the Brothel



  • ·        pearl of power (1st level) {John}
  • ·         wand of cure critical wounds (30 charges) {Tony}
  • ·         cloak of resistance +1 {JIM}
  • ·         headband of inspired wisdom +2 {JIM}
  • ·         Ring of protection +1 {Greg}
  • ·         unholy symbol-notiqula Destroy
  • ·         silver dust for desecrate
  • ·         unholy water Destroy


  • ·         belt of physical might +2 (Dex, Con) {Q}
  • ·         Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 Con (From Q) {JIM}
  • ·         cloak of resistance +2 {Tony}
    • Ring of Resistance + 2 (From Tony) went to  {Q}
  • ·         ring of readiness{recall an item} (10-mile range, ring for finger, ring on “item”)


  • ·         potion of cure light wounds (3),
  • ·         potion of cure moderate wounds


  • ·         headband of vast intelligence +2 & bonus to skills {Greg}
  • ·         plagueborn mantle- cloak made from plague victims, +1 resistance, virulent miasma, Destroy
  • ·         ring of protection +1 {Tony}


  • ·         potion of barkskin +3 (2) {Ben}
  • ·         pallid suspension {preserves a disease as dust) Destroy
  • ·         +2 composite longbow (+4 Str) with 20 arrows {Greg}
  • ·         +3 longsword{Tessa}
  • ·         headband of alluring charisma +2 {Q}
  • ·         silver unholy symbol Destroy


Items to Sell 

  • ·         +1 chainmail: SELL
  • ·         crossbow bolts (20)
  • ·         dagger: SELL
  • ·         light crossbow: SELL
  • ·         mwk full plate,
  • ·         mwk dagger: SELL
  • ·         +2 mithral chain shirt: SELL
  • ·         +2 quarterstaff: SELL
  • ·         ring of protection +1: SELL
  • ·         mwk full plate: SELL
    •   +1 longsword : MOVE MAGIC TO CLUBS
    • +1 longsword : MOVE MAGIC TO CLUBS


NOTE: make Merciful clubs – put +1 on them to use them to defend without being lethal.

$1.25 quarter staff


In the rooms, found gold/platinum/spell components (several thousand crowns) & books/gems/etc.

200 platinum = 33 PLATINUM EACH

3500 gold = 583 GOLD EACH


Wenches Blade brothel and bar


Session XP:          3150 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1000(JG)1000(JH)   Greg:1000(B)     Tony:1000(Q)     John:1000(G) 1000(T)     Jim:       




17 - 08/31/2020 Forest Dragon Ambush


major cloak of displacement {Q}
+1 cloak of protection (From Q)


phylactery of positive channeling, holy water; {Dakx}

wand of cure serious wounds  {Dakx}

wand of cure moderate wounds (42 charges)


scroll of fireball, {Ben} 

wand of ray of enfeeblement (24 charges){Hopp}

wand of magic missile (CL 3rd, 50 charges){Hopp}
Scroll of comprehend languages,; {Dakx}

scroll of lesser restoration, ; {Dakx}

scroll of magic circle against evil, ; {Dakx}

scroll of fly){Hopp}


potion of cure moderate wounds (1), {Hopp}

potion of cure moderate wounds (1), {Q}

potion of cure moderate wounds (1),  {Q}

potion of cure moderate wounds From Anya treasure:(1) {Q}


potion of cure light wounds (5), {Jim}

potion of cure light wounds (3) From Anya treasure:) {Hopp}


potion of pass without trace (2)

potion of cat's grace, 

potion of align weapon, 

potion of eagle's splendor, 

potion of invisibility, {Ben}

oil of daylight, 


+2 ring of protection {Jim}

+1 ring of protection

+1 bracers of armor

+1 cloak of protection {From Jim}

+2 belt of giant strength , 

+1 cloak of protection 

+2 cloak of protection

+1 amulet of natural armor {Hopp}

+2 amulet of natural armor,  {Dakx}

+2 headband of alluring charisma,

+3 cloak of protection {Ben}

+3 cloak of resistance (From Ben){Dakx}

+2 cloak of resistance (From Tony) {Jim}

+1 cloak of resistance (From Jim)


+3 Frost dagger {Jim}

+2 icy burst glaive. 

+1 scimitar, 

+1 battleaxe, 

+2 heavy crossbow, crossbow bolts (30), 

+2 frost Quarterstaff (1d6 frost damage on attacks) {Hopp}

+1 composite longbow, 

+1 longsword, arrows (20), 

masterwork dagger, 

sling, sling bullets (10), 


+2 studded leather, 

+2 breastplate, 

+1 full plate mail

+2 full plate, 

+2 heavy wooden shield, 


Session XP:         30,366XP 

Player XP bonus:      Ben: 1000(Q) 1000(T)      Greg: 1000(JH)   Tony: 1000(G) 1000(B)   John: 1000(JG)   Jim:




18 - 09/07/2020 When Tree's Attack




Session XP:         2800XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1100(JH) 1100(JG)  Greg:     Tony:     John: 1100(T) 1100(Q)    Jim:        Q: 1100(B)



19 - 09/14/2020 Hover Assault Tree

Jim Explains taste to landshark (pigs are bacon). Greg kills a spider in one round of attacks (To Greg: don’t forget the extra +12!)

Ben: I create more treants…no wait, I identify the evil trees!


Session XP:         3300XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1100(T) 1100(JG)    Greg:     Tony:     John: 1100(Q)    Jim: 1100(B) 1100(G) 1100(JH)    Q:



20 - 10/05/2020  


100,000gp on credit


22000 Ring +5 AC +5 Resistance ALL
5000 Same Ring, add Heal & speak through Ring ALL
3200 4 sets of 3 potions Lighting/fire/cold/ , at 800 each ALL
15000 Ring of regeneration for warrior (vampiric) Q
10000 Ring of Portals (back stabby stabby) JIM
10000 Kingly Rune (for Bow)- Enhances up to kingly level. Shyrrik
20 5 scrolls of identify ALL
3000 8 necklace to protect againts life essense stealing.Ruby Dakx
1000 4 necklace to protect againts life essense stealing.Ruby  (???)
4500 +4 Pariot of natural armor  Volhoric
3000 +4 Pariot of natural armor  Dakx
5000 +6 headband of charisma   Marcus
2000 Quiver of Alana, holds 1000 arrows   Shyrrik
3000 Holy Rune Shyrrik



Stopped in middle of fight, no session XP.  

Session XP:        0XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1100(JH)  Greg:1100(Q) Tony:1100(Greg –keep me alive)  John: 1100(T)  Jim:1100(B)   Q: 1100(JG)


21 - 10/12/2020  

+5 short Sword - {Shyrrik}

+5 Short Sword - {Volhoric} 

+5 breastplate mithril - {Dakx}

+4 frost longsword - {Raz}

+6 Headband of alluring charisma  {Volhoric}

+6 Belt of mighty con - {Markus}

+4 mithril breastplate

+2 club

+5 chain shirt


Items to sell for Drewgan headband

+4 belt of con - From Markus

+2 Amulet of natural Armor - from Dakx to Pet

+1 ring of protection - From Dakx to pet

+2 Headband of Wisdom - From Drewgan


Sold 3 items to make 2 runes for Drewgan Wood armor.

Cheap Ass Adamantium Great Sword with no magic - from Raz

+3 Breastplate - From Dakx

+3 Mithril Shirt - From Volhoric


Session XP:         8700 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1100(Greg) , 1100(T), 1100(JH), 1100(JG)     Greg: 1100(Q)    Tony:     John:     Jim: 1100(B)       Q:  


22 - 10/19/2020  


3 feathers


Session XP:         46,400 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1100(T), 1100(G), 1100(JH) Greg:    Tony:     John: 1100(Q), 1100(B), 1100(JG)              Jim:        Q:  


(23) - 10/26/2020  


On Credit, we still have 2450 crowns , FYI


4 storm Giants: Found a contract with the Giants. It’s in infernal/abyssal. Dakx uses comprehend languages to read it. “The Destroyer” asked a demon to broker with the giant’s assassin guild to take out a group that had been killing giants in the Evermore area. They were paid 100k crowns.  We got none of that, they didn't have it on them. We did find a rock.


Session XP:          8700 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1200(T),  Greg: 1200(B),      Tony: 1200(Q),   John:     Jim:        Q: 1200(JG), 1200(G), 1200(JH)


(24)11/02/2020 The Death of Kidre


Corrupted forest monsters  (Babau, Dretch’s )


We cure Tilly & Lily. We killed Kidre and Jilly.

Kidre’s +5 flaming sword is still there. Each of the Lillian’s (qty 3) are still there. All evil.


Session XP:   19,266 XP  each

Player XP bonus: 

Ben:,     Greg: 1200(B)    Tony:     John: 1200(JG), 1200(T) 1200(Greg),        Jim: 1200(JH),   


(25)11/09/2020 What's a purple Dragon


Session XP:   14,250 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1200(T),     Greg:     Tony: 1200(B), 1200(JG),               John:     Jim: 1200(G), 1200(JH)   


(26)11/16/2020 Servants Saved and into the Cave


Session XP:   17,300 XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1300(G),1300(Q)     Greg:     Tony: 1300(B),   John: 1300(JG), 1300(T), Jim: 1300(JH)    Q:


(27)11/23/2020 Driad's and Beholders and Undead...Oh My!


Session XP:     23,333XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1300(T), 1300(JG), Greg: 1300(B),   Tony: 1300(G), 1300(JH)    John: Jim: 1300(Q)      Q:



Rings belts amulets, all lower than what we have


  • ·         +5 adhesive Greater Shadow (stealth checks) studded leather (spider climb)
  • ·         Amulet of natural armor +5
  • ·         Improved ring of protection +5

Drow Ambushers:

  • ·         12 wands of acid (range touch attack, activation, 2d6 & lingers for 1d6 next round)
  • ·         Frost wand
  • ·         Fire wand
  • ·         Arrows: fire/frost/shock damage arrows. 12 each (36 total, unused)
  • ·         +1 short bows, etc.
  • ·         Rod that fired out all the damage globes all at once.


  • ·         +5 heavy mace
  • ·         +5 composite longbow


They get 12 eyestalks, 3 from each beholder.


Session XP:     33,750XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1300(Q)      Greg:     Tony:     John:     Jim:       Q: 1300(JG), 1300(G) , 1300(JH), 1300(T), 1300(B),




(29)12/7/2020 Unexpected Visitors...


Session XP:     8,750 xp



(30)12/21/2020 Burning down the house...


Treasure to be discussed next session.


Session XP:     115,000XP 

Player XP bonus: 

Ben: 1400(JH),   Greg:     Tony: 1400(G), 1400(Q) John: 1400(JG), 1400(T), Jim:       Q: 1400(B),




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