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FR - 5E - Sundabar

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It is early Eleint of 1393 DR.  


Word reached the north years ago that something happened in Waterdeep.  Something big.  But nothing changed.  The people of Silverymoon kept waiting for it.  Bracing.  The people of the Silver Marches, though, know that life goes on, even if that life isn't in Waterdeep and so life continued.  


sundabar map.jpg | World Anvil




Character Player  Race  Class 
Kaji Tre Human  Sorcerer 
Dionato Oakhammer Marc  Dwarf  Paladin 

Gorstag Greycastle

John  Human  Barbarian 
Rolen Fana-Pol Thom  Elf  Ranger 





03/26/2020 - Microscope session for background

04/02/2020 - Doing the Rounds

04/09/2020 - History Comes Alive

04/16/2020 - Taken

04/23/2020 - Release

04/30/2020 - Business Venture

05/07/2020 - Bandit Stronghold

05/14/2020 - The Coming Storms

     Epilogue of the Prologue - Changes

05/21/2020 - On The Hunt

05/28/2020 - Hunters

06/11/2020 - The Battle of Riverside

06/18/2020 - The Demise of Riverside

06/26/2020 - The Orc Dilemma

07/02/2020 - Viktor, Defeated

07/16/2020 - The Hills

07/23/2020 - Orc Tribes Unite

07/30/2020 - Orcs Everywhere




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