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City of the Dead

Page history last edited by RogueMongoose 1 year ago

Well Naht, it’s getting more confusing. We cast the locate spell on Tess’ hair and it lead us to the City of the Dead, specifically the Commoners Grave house. You think it would have be that easy but it’s not. As we were leaving the house, a Tiefling drug a dead drow up the stairs and laid it at our doorstep. Before we knew what happened, he was gone. All he said was that he hoped the enemy of his enemy was his friend. What is going on? We left the dead drow there for now and headed to the graves.

At the Commoners Grave we found Tess, Erika and Heinrich. They seemed relieved and said they had been hiding out there for 3 days. We talked about the houses but Tess didn't seem to react to finding out about her parents deaths as bad as I would have expected! We escorted them back to the Mage's Order. Hopefully they'll be safe there for a bit. We headed back to the Commoners Grave where I had previously found a hidden door.

After entering the door, we were in some sort of other planar hallway as it didn't fit the exterior of the building. We followed the hall and found a ritual to Shar going on. We were too late to stop the sacrifice but we were able to dispatch all the followers.

Speaking of the Shar, Teldawn was able to find a dagger off the dead drow that allowed him to pull enemies to him. Pretty sweet. After taking all we could from the Shar we investigated their hideout. It appears they have been infiltrating the various trades in Waterdeep. They had all sorts of tools and training material for bartenders, servers, seamstresses, etc.

We found a way out of their hideout through a hidden door in a wine keg in the basement of Ronald's Wines. Not sure if Ronald was involved but he said somebody named Chet or Chad or something had parties down there all the time. Might need to talk to him. Anyway, after getting out of there we went and had several things identified at the Mage's Order. I suppose one nice thing about adventuring is that it does make some decent coin and good stories. Did I tell you my lightning wand can create a LIGHTNING WHIP!!!!! Well, I can't get but the Enchantress at the Order could but she said her power was limited. The others got some decent rings and such too. We are heading back into the Commoners Grave house to explore the other hallway. I'll fill you in once I'm back at the house.



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RogueMongoose said

at 4:52 pm on Nov 21, 2019

As I'm writing these at "letters" I wouldn't be able to tell him about our current situation until we are out of our current situation.

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