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Disappearance of Tess

Page history last edited by RogueMongoose 1 year ago

Nahtan, things are getting more weird, if you can believe it. One morning at our new place, Burton stumbled in knocking over some glasses or something in his room. We’re all a little on edge so we all sprung out of bed and rushed to see what happened. He had blood around him but didn’t appear to be hurt. I decided since he was fine and we were up, I’d make breakfast. About half way through out walks an animated skeleton!! I was about to fry the thing when Burton rushes out and says it’s fine. It’s fine!? It’s not fine, it’s a walking skeleton!!

Evidentially, it doesn’t last long as it turned to dust after a few minutes. After we all settled in, we decided to go to Tess’ house as Burton had a weird memory of being there at a party last night but was attacked. He didn’t seem confident about it but we needed to check it out.

When we got there, the gate was ajar so we headed in. There were definite signs of a struggle, but no one left alive. Burton went through the house and identified some of the bodies from whom he met the night before. It appears most the jewelry was taken except rings for some reason. As we left, we met a group of bandits in the courtyard. We decided not to let them loot the house!

Random fired on the leader and took him down with one shot. The others put up a bit of a fight but nothing too tough. We were able to capture one alive and signal the watch. We handed him over to the watch but don’t know the results of the investigation.

We went to the order to see if anyone had seen Tess. Only Cyndria appeared to have seen her and gave us some documents that Tess asked her to give to us.

The documents appear to be a contract to wipe out some of the other noble houses. This is getting deeper! Anyone we asked about the names on the contract got really uneasy and even ran off.

According to Teldawn’s contact, it sounds like we are in the midst of another Guild War!! This can’t be good. I’ll let you know when we find out more.




PS After looking more at the contract, which the writing disappeared by the way, we determined that the houses involved typically provide mercenary work. Some of them are guild houses too. Agunders, Anteos, Bladesemmer, Gralhund, Kormallis, Rholdaghast, Sultlue and Umbrusk.


Agunders - Mercenaries (gone)

Anteos - Slave Traders(?) and Bankers

Bladesemmer - Weapons and Armor makers

Gralhund - Weapons and Mercenaries

Kormallis - (?)

Rholdaghast - Fighters and Mercenaries

Sultlue - Fighters and Mercenaries

Umbrusk - (?)


How do these all tie together? The contract was between Charles Zoar and Ranaghar A'Daragon. Charles Zoar died like 200 years ago right? I'm not sure I payed that much attention in History class. I don't get it.

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