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FR - 5E - Ceremonies

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July 10, 2019


The group arrives back at Daggerford.  Commander Miller shows up a few days after they have been there, letting them rest for a bit.  She asks how they have been doing and gets part of their story, saying she does want to hear more.  She says she is there on official business.  They are to receive their titles and land in three days, and she is there to make sure they are there this time.  They smile sheepishly and nod in understanding.  They do notice they are being watched until the ceremony.  Usually by a city militia member but a few times by Commander Miller.  Obviously, someone is taking this seriously to have them there.  


Tyrel, knowing the importance, gets them new clothes and starts teaching them about etiquette and what to say and how to say it.  It's a lot.  Several realize that they were pretty rude to the Baroness, which could explain why she was so short with them.  They still study and do other things but Tyrel takes them through several rounds of what to say and gets them in the clothes as soon as they are done so they are used to them.  


Once again, Commander Miller shows up to take them to the ceremony.  She is dressed in formal clothes, including a newly laundered tabard with the heraldry of Daggerford on it.  The honor guard dressed the same as well.  They are marched to the front of the Ducal Mansion, where the court of the Duke is waiting.  Sir Isteval, Sir Llewellyn Longhand, Gwydion pen Dafwyd, Delfen, Nisha, the Steel Eagles, and many more, some merchants they recognize but not all.  Commander Miller steps forward.  


"Duke Maldwyn, Lady Marwen, I, Commander Sherlen Miller, present to you for consideration of noble title and lands, the Danger Magnets.  Tyrel, the Bard.  Dorn, the Slayer.  Jinn, Master of the Arcane and Keeper of Chandi.  Michel, Lord of Vale and Wild.  Maldar, Master of Shadows.  Being a citizen in good standing and Commander of your milita, I do recommend them for the noble titles and lands."  


Olin then stand up.  "I, Count Olin Sarevel, citizen in good standing of Daggerford, also recommend the Danger Magnets for noble titles and lands.  By word and action, they have proven themselves to be worthy of the titles and defend Daggerford."  Olin steps back.


The Duke steps forward.  "I, Duke Maldwyn, do thank Count Olin and Commander Miller for bringing to my attention the Danger Magnets.  Indeed, they are worthy of titles.  Therefore, I do hereby say that the Danger Magnets, Liberators, Defenders, and Citizens of Daggerford, Slayers of the Beholder, Vanquishers of Auril, Friend to Chauntea, Friend to Lathander, Members of the Sorcerer's Encapsulate, are granted the title of Count, to be shared among them.  Individually, they shall still hold the title of Baron.  They are granted lands to the west of Daggerford, in perpetuity.  Huzzah!"  Several cheers go up and the Duke comes down and presents each of them with a platinum badge of office.  There are some things they need to sign but in short order, the group goes into the ducal courtyard where a greeting line has been set up.  They meet a lot of people.  Tyrel seems at ease but the rest are now getting restless.  The Steel Eagles are there and come through the line!  Nisha is there as well.  They spot Illayna but she doesn't come up to the line and leaves quickly.  They do notice no clerics are there, and wonder if that means anything.  


After the duke moves off, a dandy comes forward to introduce himself.  He's tarted up!  Nice crimson and emerald clothes, with some gems worked in at places.  It should be gaudy but looks quite good.  He also has a ruffled collar and pale face makeup with a bit of rouge on his cheeks.  "Greetings, Danger Magnets.  I am Sir Kossaf, of Waterdeep.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!  I have heard of your exploits up in Waterdeep and had to see this for my own eyes.  How are all of you doing?"  They look at each other but respond they are doing well.  Sir Kossaf makes some more pleasantries before moving off.  Jinn is nervous and decides to take his leave.  He goes and bows to the Duke before taking off to the house.  


The group talks to Nisha who introduces her apprentices, although several in the group notice that the two women bristle at that but say nothing.  Dhrida and Vikeya.  Nisha asks for some of the adventures they have been on and they get talking.  She says they would like to come with them when they go to the swamp next and the group is happy about that.  However, they say that they aren't going to go until after Highharvesttide, and Nisha does not want to wait that long.  She tells them to let her know if things change.  


Jinn is at home when there is a knock on the door.  As he opens the door and sees Sir Kossaf and winces.  "Ah, Jinn, you left so quick and I wanted to talk to you."  


"Ah, my apologies.  I was going to head back up there," even as he is out of the formal attire and back in his robes and other magic.  "Perhaps we can walk and talk?"  


"Of course."  They start to head back to the Ducal Mansion.  "I do apologize but I was hoping to speak of your wife."  Jinn looks startled at this.  "You see, she stole something from me.  Something I know you still have.  The elemental gem?"  


"How would my wife get a hold of that?"  


"She was once my apprentice.  Ah, forgive me.  I am Thedane Kossaf."  


Jinn's blood freezes and he's glad he is already walking back to the Duke's.  


"I don't suppose there is a price that would get you to part with it?"  Thedane continues.  


"No, I'm attached to it with sentimental value."


"Of course.  What about the rest of the gems."  


"I don't care about them."


"So, your group does have them?  Or know where they are?"  


As Jinn goes to answer, he feels the compulsion to tell the truth come over him.  He starts to say something, stops, recovers, but says, "I only have the one."


"Of course.  Do you know if the rest of the group might sell what they have?"  


"I only have the one."


Thedane smiles.  "Well, we are at the mansion but I think I will not go inside.  Do enjoy yourself, Count Jinn."  


Jinn rushes back inside, finds the others, and tells them what happened.  They head back to the house and get changed, in case something happens with Thedane.  However, nothing happens with Thedane the rest of the day. 


The next morning, they go to the Sorcerer's Encapsulate, and Ilanya has their rings.  Jinn pays the rest and they had back.  As they get to their house, a man is near George.  


"Ah, there you are.  Stay out of my swamp."  So saying, he reaches over and snaps a branch off George.  George, not having true nerves, doesn't flinch but seems uncomfortable at this.  Michel is not happy and steps forward.  "There is no need to do that."  


"Think of it as payback, for killing my child," snarls the man, snapping another branch.  "I am Thoss, and I do not want you back in my swamp."  As he reaches for another branch, Michel reaches out with magic and pushes him back.  Maldar, seeing a fight about to start, rushes inside to get his gear.  He briefly considers putting on his armor, as Dorn comes inside to grab his sword.  Maldar rushes back outside and readies his Mirror Image.  Jinn also cast Mirror Image.  Tyrel strums a few lines and Thoss starts dancing.  When Thoss threatens Juliana, it doesn't seem as effective to the party, but Juliana doesn't go anywhere.  Jinn says that we can talk about this in the swamp.


"Accepted," Thoss says, and with a quick gesture, teleports him, Jinn, and Maldar.  The rest just stare.  Then they get back into the house, start grabbing things and readying to go to the swamp.  Michel and Tyrel start rattling off what they can do as Dorn is putting on his armor.  


"In two days," Jinn says, as they appear in a huge room.  A hundred foot ceiling with a room that's at least that wide and twice as long, with pillars down both sides to hold up the ceiling.  "I meant in two days, not now.  And not only the two of us," mutters Jinn.  


"Now, stay out of my swamp.  I'm trying to fight the real enemy here, the sarrukh, and don't need to worry about you as well."  Thoss gets right down to business.  


"Your people attacked-" Jinn begins.


"My people never left the swamp!" roars Thoss, and even though he is still in human form, his voice booms and echoes around the room.  "None of my people left our area and you invaded us and killed my child!"  


"They were going to-" Maldar starts.


"Do you humans now punish based on intentions?  Should we hold your group to that standard?" snarls Thoss.  


Jinn and Maldar stare at each other, unsure of what to say.  

"Let me propose this.  Help me take down the sarrukh and I will leave Daggerford alone.  Already, the enemy encircles Dragonspear Castle.  Go help them and end that threat.  I will stay away from Daggerford.  We all get what we want."


Jinn stares at Thoss for a few heartbeats before saying, "Were you working with Arakus?"  


"Yes.  I was disappointed you killed him.  He was one of the few humans who saw the threat the sarrukh posed.  We need to get rid of them."


"Are you working with Thedane?"


"NO!  Do not mess with him!  He's dangerous.  Now, do I have your word?  Go south and help and me and mine will stay in the swamp."


Jinn and Maldar look at each other and then back to Thoss.  "We agree." 


"As a sign of your good will in this, I will require two of the elemental stones you have.  You will get them back when you are done."  Maldar and Jinn agree and give Thoss the water and earth gems.  


Thoss again says a few words and they reappear out front of their home.  


As they go inside, it's a mess.  Bags are partially packed, Dorn is mostly in his armor, and Michel is getting out components.  "What the hell happened?"  Jinn and Maldar fill them in on what happened.  Jinn finishes by saying, "So, I guess we need to go south now?"


Chandi jumps up onto the couch and looks at Jinn.  "Master?  If there is one thing I have learned, it's don't make a bargain with a dragon.  I doubt he will keep his word!  In fact, what's to say that this isn't a ploy to get the Danger Magnets out of the area?  Perhaps you are the only ones he's afraid of and he wants you gone?"  


Jinn stares at Chandi for a while, wide eyed.  "That's a good point, Chandi.  I had not considered that?"  


"I think this means we need to go and go now."  


Sadly, Nisha had already been by to say she couldn't go, and then her and her two friends got onto strange horses that flew off toward Waterdeep!  


They gathered up their stuff, got a few more things, and Maldar shadow walked them right to the grove of the Steel Eagles.  Their people were surprised to see them as the Steel Eagles hadn't gotten back yet from the ceremony!  They look at each other and realized they had gone fast.  However, it's only a half hour before the Steel Eagles also show up.  They are surprised but welcome them into the fortress.  


Jinn explains that he would like to make a teleportation circle.  They had met the two new members of the Steel Eagles, Riane and Onja, a cleric and sorceress respectively.  Onja likes the idea of the teleportation circle and is happy when Brianna also agrees.  Jinn spends the rest of the day casting it, with Onja helping.  He sets it up inside where the wall will be and they will put a building around it.  


While Jinn is doing that, Michel goes and communes with the local elemental, named Zaladrane.  He asks for a guardian and a stone elemental shows up.  Through the stone elemental, Zaladrane says he will protect the Steel Eagles.  The group tries to convince the Steel Eagles to go with them but they are busy with harvest.  They will sleep on it and check in the morning.  


4500 xp



GM Notes

  • I'm reasonably certain I missed a lot and this is not verbatim by any means.  One of the few times I wish I was still doing audio recordings of the session.  
  • Jinn was apparently worried that Sir Kossaf was after his robes. 
  • Hmm.  I think I messed up on the time.  Not sure if it happened in the table and the write up or just the write up. 
    • Yep, definitely missed some details but between this and any other write ups, the details are there. 
  • A lot of role playing that I enjoyed! 
    • Finally get to reveal Thedane!
    • Get to reveal Nisha's friends.
    • I did forget to have Ilanya there, so that is one change in the write up but the clerics weren't there. 
    • Finally meeting Thoss!  I really thought that went well.  I mean, they did hand over two artifacts to him, so there is that.   
    • I was also quite happy with the ceremony and how that worked out.   
  • I was pretty happy with description and sounds, so that went well this week.   




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RogueMongoose said

at 8:33 pm on Jul 11, 2019

Good write up but I'm concerned at the "... mean, they did hand over two artifacts to him, so there is that...".
That's going to bite us in the ass.

Thom Harlow said

at 3:39 pm on Jul 12, 2019

I was just thinking the same thing, Marc!

Jon Goranson said

at 3:45 pm on Jul 12, 2019

Well, Thoss is happy. Does that help?

RogueMongoose said

at 5:44 pm on Jul 12, 2019

No...no it doesn't

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