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FR - 5E - Dragon Lair Defenders and the Recovery

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Dragon Lair Defenders and the Recovery


March 6, 2019


The group finishes harvesting what they can from the dragon and on a whim, Jinn sends Chandi out to see if she can find the lair.  She responds that it is only a thousand yards away!  They pick up the harvest and then head to the opening Chandi has found.  When they arrive, some drakes are outside and they manage to defeat them.  They go into the cave and it descends into a damp cave.  They find more drakes and are confident they can take it.  That's when the blue monstrosity comes out!  The green dragon had apparently found a blue dragon egg and warped it, putting metal plates on it and removing it's intelligence.  It attacked the group but Dorn was able to take care of it once Dorn got close enough.  


They go back to the camp and talk to the Steel Eagles.  They aren't sure what to do with Jander.  That's when the group asks them if they will help Hang recover the axe.  They explain that a portal will open up and they will have to get it.  The Steel Eagles agree and they rest for the night.  The next morning, the remnants of a ritual Hang did forms into an ice doorway and through it, a forest.  They all walk through and see the path leading before them.  Looking back, Hang and Maldar notice the path seems to . . . end.  Going to what looks like a cliff, and the group realizes that this is an island in the Astral Sea!  Fortunately, it has air to breathe, gravity, and a path to follow.  Hang can also tell the axe is in front of them.  They follow the path and come to a clearing, which holds ruins of a fortress.  Several creatures are off to the side.  The group readies spells and approaches.  The group leader, Hapuaat, says that an axe did appear and their leader, Memtep, has it.  They will take the group to the leader.  


The audience chamber is two thrones set up in the ruins.  Two of the gith sit on the thrones, one having a silver sword and the axe.  Hang comes forward and speaks to the leader, asking for the axe.  The leader says yes, if Hang kills their prisoner.  Hang takes the axe, readies it, then apologizes to the group as she turns and attacks the gith.  


It's quite a fight!  


Dorn goes down to the silver swords, which not only cut but cause whispers assaulting his mind.  The other gith have crossbows but jump into melee when their leader is threatened.  The prisoner does try and help by attacking one of his captors and distracts that one.  The leader jumps into the middle of the group.  The Steel Eagles and Danger Magnets fight well together and eventually prevail.  However.  They do so only after the leader hovers over Dorn, ready to kill him.  The leader bargains for Dorn's life.  They can leave, with the prisoner, but only the axe.  None of their weapons.  The group reluctantly agrees.  The take Dorn as the leader gets his own people and they each back away from each other.  


The prisoner is able to send them back to their home, and they arrive only a mile away from camp.  When they rearrive, they find barely ten minutes have passed after what felt like hours in the fortress.  Hang immediately performs the ritual to return the axe to Gerti.  Gerti, not so subtlely reminds Hang 


11500 xp


GM Notes

  • Not sure if I got the names right for the githyanki leaders.
  • Really messed up the surprise round.  Hang should have gotten her attack off but I did it very wrong.  
  • I keep finding strange things in 5E. Not bad, just different than what I'm used to in PF.  
    • I think this is their way of making things easy but I'm not sure it's as easy as they think.   Instead of a formula that could be followed, it's more charts and look ups.  
    • For example, no character can have more than three attuned items.  That's it.  Ever.  Okay, but why?  That's not stated. 
    • I also don't find it consistent.  One periapt requires attunement but two don't?   Some special weapons require it but some don't?  
  • In the fight, I had all Steel Eagles go on same initiative.  It was simplified but did let them coordinate.   




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