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PF - HR - Character Generation and Tournament

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 2 years, 2 months ago

Characters and the Tournament


May 17, 2018


The characters are heavily rogue based or with Stealth.  Drew's character has a smuggling operation with his alchemist, Bob's character works the pugilist ring, Brook ends up going with a bounty hunter type, and John has a rogue arcanist.  They have met each other and know they are different from others.  


Lord Mayor, Barzillai Thrune announces a tournament across many different fields.  A lot of people sign up for it.  I have the players all have an NPC into it, not only as a contact but also to be involved in the tournament.  Several PCs end up winning various tournaments and getting some money and items for the wins.  After the three days of the tournament, there is a feast in honor of the winners.  After the feast, Brook's character notices people following them and peels off to follow them.  They don't seem interested but he can tell they are River Talons but not wearing their colors.  Brook's character manages to save one person before they fall for a trap.  The character, Brother Daryl, then spends the night getting Brook's character drunk in service to Cayden.  


The next day, the revisions have started.  Bob's character has now not won the wrestling tournament and instead a friend of Thrune's has won it.  Another contest has also changed and the actual winner has turned up dead but no one seems to care.  As they are pondering what to do, they are approached by Galen Atreus, who introduces himself and says he is a Judge.  Galen tells them that the choice is there but they have a role to play in shaping this area of Cheliax.  Galen says it's their choice which side they pick but that he hopes they pick up the mantle of bringing back the Silver Ravens, a known rebel group from back in the Civil War days.  Galen gives them a mithril key and tells them to check out the Fair Fortune Livery to help reignite the Silver Ravens.  Galen then takes his leave of them but not before mentioning that the next Proclamation will again put halflings back to slavery.  As they have a halfling friend in Laria, they are not happy about this.  


And so, it begins.



GM Notes

  • Need to work on heraldry for things or at least tabard or other colors for the gangs.
  • John was happy but also found it weird to see his character come back. 
  • I couldn't avoid current politics but Barzillai is smarter and better at what he does.  




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