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Carrion Crown

Page history last edited by Jon Goranson 3 years, 11 months ago

Carrion Crown 


It's 4711 and the Fallen have a mission.  The Whispering Way are up to something.  Failure is . . . well, with this group, it's always an option.  Ooooh, a dragon.  Let's go attack it even though all signs say we shouldn't.  


Ustalov map:  




Creation rules for Fallen:  25 point buy, advanced race, advanced ability scores, one improved ability score, rest of the points up to them.  


Character  Player  Class  Notes 
Artem Bob  Wizard   
Vigo  Brook  Cleric  Pharasma - limited Detect Undead
Ripper  Dan  Rogue   
Fein  Drew  tbd   
Heinrick  John  Holy Warrior (Paladin) Pharasma - Detect Undead



Name  Place  Notes 
Kendra Lorrimor Ravengro  Daughter of the group's mentor, Petros Lorrimor 
Father Grimburrow  Ravengro  Head of the church of Pharasma in Ravengro 
Gibs Hephenus  Ravengro  Local worker not happy with Petros' burial in The Restlands 
Sofia Klubnichkin  Wayside Inn  Owner of Wayside Inn with her husband 
Vadim Klubnichkin Wayside Inn Owner of Wayside Inn with his wife
Zokar Elkarid  Ravengro   Proprietor of Laughing Demon 
Luthko and Marta Avanaki Ravengro Proprietor of General Store
Jorfa Ravengro Proprietor of the Forge
Jominda Fallenbridge Ravengro Proprietor of Jominda's Apothecary
Benjan Caeller Ravengro Sheriff - Deputies Leromar, Riff, Trestleblade, Vrodish
Luramin Taigh, Quess Yearburn Ravengro Owners of The Silk Purse, money lending
Sarianna Vai Ravengro Proprietor of Outward Inn
Alendru Ghoroven Ravengro Proprietor of Unfurling Scroll - school and some magical teaching

Vashian Hearthmount, Mirta Straelock,

Shanda Faravan, Gharen Muricar

Ravengro Town Council members



Name  Location  Notes 
Wayside Inn  Canterwall County, Ustalav   
Ravengro  Canterwall County, Ustalav   
Unknown Crypt  Canterwall County, Ustalav  PCs heard about it from an NPC party, took ring after it caused trouble 
Harrowstone  Canterwall County, Ustalav   
Lepidstadt  Vieland County, Ustalav   






5/11/2017 - Wayside Inn and Funeral

5/18/2017 - Ravengro's Got Trouble

5/25/2017 - Revenants at the Restlands 

6/1/2017 -  The Crypt 

6/8/2017 -  Crypt and the Bloody Letters




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