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PF - CotCT - Revelations

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October 15, 2015


The group discusses the possibility of starting the Guild.  In the end, they decide to focus on their place and have a Tavern instead of going back to the guild.  To that goal, Trinia partially disbands, at least openly, the brothel aspect and starts helping the prostitutes learn how to be serving wenches.  Trinia also decides to redo the inside after the betrayal, and so gets all new food supplies and some more alcohol.  She also decides to expand on the gambling and entertainment.  


The rest of the group discusses what they need to do for the upcoming battle at the hospital.  A few aren't sure why they are doing this but understand ending the plague as fast as they can is beneficial to all.  Cress gets a few spells and copies them into his book.  At one point in the day, he feels some powerful magic but doesn't know exactly what happened.  Lazarus practices some new songs he was working on.  Many logs are ruined as Sveinn also practices a new technique that he figured out.  The next morning, Mel shows up early, quite silently, making Cress wonder.  Mel helps wake up Grohlyn by tying his feet to a horse and then dragging him out of bed.  Even though Mel doesn't have the horse go more than ten feet, Grohlyn cuts the rope before he's dragged completely out of bed.  Grohlyn is not amused and confronts her but she says he's fine.  


They go check out the hospital and look at the people tending to the sick.  They find an elevator, basically a big dumbwaiter, and go down to find Gray Maidens and some physicians.  A fight happens.  When they interrogate one of the remaining physicians, he says they are trying to help people.  Cress is unsure of their actions now but the rest of the group shrugs.  Cress says he needs some time to prep a spell, and they wait.  However, before he can finish, the big doors open and they are attacked by ghouls!  In the back, it is Rolth and some of the cultists they have fought before!  The group charges into the fight, quite gleefully. 


Mel tumbles all the way to Rolth and seems to be dealing with him as he isn't casting spells anymore.  Cress enlarges Sveinn, who starts pounding the ghouls into oblivion.  A very different Lazarus starts using his songs to buff or confuse the enemies, rather than trying to jump into the fight.  At one point, he disrupts healing spells being cast, so is quite effective.  Grohlyn smashes through a bunch of the ghouls and gets up next to Rolth, ready to dish out some hurt.  However, Mel tells him to stop!  She then says that she is trying to negotiate a truce with Rolth, so Rolth will help Mel with some of her enemies.  




The group isn't happy and attack them both.  Mel is revealed to be a rakshasa and the fight is on.  She's quite tough with her resistances and is bouncing around, attacking at will.  Rolth tries to cast a few spells but nothing stop the onslaught.  Finally, he decides he's going to get out of there but the attack keeps him off balance and he isn't able to get away.  He is cut down and there was much rejoicing.  Mel is still putting up a fight but some good hits from Grohlyn, Sveinn's new technique and Niko's sneak attacks wear her down and take her out.  The remaining cultists are quickly dispatched and the group is then given a breather.  



GM Notes

  • The discussion on the guild was interesting.  The good characters, including an NPC, said they didn't want the guild because while gambling or the brothel didn't bother them, it also meant extortion, second story work, and maybe even assassinations.  There could be good sides to it but the good characters argued against it due to the bad side of it.  The neutral characters mostly didn't care.
    • As I think about this, this is very interesting.  Would neutral characters not care based on long term?  Basically, I think it could be argued that intelligent or wise neutral characters could go against something more due to long term effects than the direct moral code.  In other words, extortion could be a short term gain but a long term hassle if resisted.  Is it worth that?  
    • This isn't against any player.  I think the discussion was interesting and had these thoughts as I did the write up.   
  • One of the (meta) problems of DND is whether or not training is required.  In older editions, it was a way to curtail wealth by forcing characters under "name level" to pay to learn the next level.  Once they reached "name level," which varied by class exactly which level that was, they could train themselves and potentially others.  This is part of the "simulation legacy" of PF, going back to 1E.  It simulates real life in that learning new skills requires training.  However, as much as it can make sense, it's not necessarily fun, even if it only takes a few minutes, and can ruin the flow of the story, the narrationist side of it.  I have gone back and forth on this over the years and at the moment don't require training. 
  • We didn't get to all of it, but they got a good haul of treasure from the fights.  However, as I told them, fighting Mel basically gave them another boss level fight to do!  So, the final challenge that yet awaits them might be quite tough.  
  • I was also happy with some of the things I set up for upcoming stuff and I finally got a handle on how I want to do my own changes and style into the module.  Still details to flesh out but at least I have the ideas and themes I want to do!   



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